Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Krugman Lies To You If You Read The NYT

Well when the Public Editor on the inside of the NYT says this, there is very little doubt that Prof. Krugman is in fact crazy

Krugman's False Facts

I've posted several times on Krugmans liberties on fact and statistics in his articles. This a Very Damaging statement on Krugmans credibility. He needs to report with true facts, that is what his readers pay for. They are not getting it currently. Leave the agenda behind and report with facts and true statistical proof Professor........................

In the spirit of my previous post, the crazy Professor is well within his bounds to have a left view of the world, however, when he states and uses false data to make his point, that's beyond the separate opinion view. Lies and misrepresentations or just that, its not journalism. Sorry professor.

The Early Seventies Sucked Bad All Around

Man, the early seventies was just a dirty ugly time in our history. There was not much good going on then. A President who covered up, a snitch who was even dirtier than the President, American socialist terrorist groups forming and bombing civilians, Vietnam, and a left wing counter culture movement taking the country straight down the drain.

In researching Deep Throat the ugly times of the early seventies came crashing forward. No one gets off the hook either Republican or Democrat's for that period of time. It I would say was the worst of times in many ways and both the left and right are equally responsible for the dismal place we found ourselves in. It could have destroyed our country in a real way.

The good thing about America and Americans, is we pick ourselves up and move on. I have posted on that often. If you want to live in the sixties or seventies then go ahead, you deserve that misery if you choose it. Let go of the ghosts of Nixon, Vietnam, the militant socialist movement and move forward or you are destine to be a Nixon, Felt, Fonda, Black Panther, or Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)member the rest of your life........................

I think it's a good time to reflect on how bad things were back in the early 70's. I think that lesson is the best lesson since the Civil War for Americans regardless of political stripe to understand the big picture and what we have at stake. We are Americans regardless of political leanings and how much we disagree. In the end protecting our ability to have different political thoughts and groundings is what it's all about. It's truly what makes us America.

Protecting the ability to have different opinions and convictions but able to form a general consensus within the constitution and laws of the land are what preserve those sacred rights.

WaPo Woodward & Bernstein Confirm Felt Is Deep Throat

The Washington Post as well as Woodward & Bernstein have confirmed that W. Frank Felt is in fact Deep Throat

Felt Confirmed

So its official...................

An interesting thing from Woodward & Bernstein however in their statement:

"W. Mark Felt was 'Deep Throat' and helped us immeasurably in our Watergate coverage. However, as the record shows, many other sources and officials assisted us and other reporters for the hundreds of stories that were written in The Washington Post about Watergate".

So is Woodward just trying to hold onto some of the mystery and mystic of the Watergate source question, or do big fish still exist out there? Felt I think will be a let down for many who had hoped that it would be a big political name from the Nixon inner circle. Felt is not the sensational name that many had probably hoped for.

Deep Throat was "the" source and even if other minor sources existed, the big fish is known now and he really is not the big fish that many had hoped for.

Hoover Tactics Breed Deep Throat

An initial thought on Mark Felt being Deep Throat is that Nixon was turned over by a member of the only group of people who had more dirt on their hands than Nixon. The FBI , Hoover and Hoover’s self selected top FBI officials like Felt’s had been practicing the tactics of investigating people for political gain for years. They had also been using break-ins and tapings for years to gain the info they sought from political groups, as well as politicians and civilian citizens. The FBI covert campaigns had gone all the way up to the Presidency in prior administrations and now we know it went all the way up to Nixon's as well.

Kind of ironic that the guy who turned Nixon over was one of the few government officials in Washington who had a dirtier history than the one Nixon would earn from Watergate.

The Atlantic 1992 On Deep Throat

The Atlantic article by James Mann is very revealing on why Mark Felts could be Deep Throat and why he might be motivated to do it. It was written in 1992 and Mann worked with Woodward at the Post.

James Mann's Article

W. Mark Felt Is Deep Throat

The former second-in-command at the FBI W. Mark Felt, admits that he was "Deep Throat".

Felt Admits He Is Deep Throat

This will certainly be the topic of much blogging in the coming weeks but the first thing that popped into my head was obviously, "why did he do it"? Was he an idealist who did it to right the wrongs, was he disgruntled and had an axe to grind, were political gains a driving force? What was the reason he did it?

I found the following info the most interesting on that point so far

Felt's Motive?

It's from 2002 but contains articles from the Washingtonian magazine back in 1974 that speculated that it was Felt and the reason why they thought it might be Felt. Seems that they were right and he did have an axe to grind.

Should be some interesting points and analysis done on the topic for several weeks.

Hugo Chavez Dead?

Via Instapundit, Babalu blog has reports of something going on in Venezuela

What's Up With Chavez

Rumors include, Chavez is dead from a heart attack, is taking protective actions from an assassination plot, a pubicity stunt, or nothing at all. Accounts in Venezuela however say something weird above the normal weirdness associated with Chavez is happening......

Sure would be good to see a socialist dictator check out one way or the other......

Monday, May 30, 2005

Zarqawi I'm OK And Ready To Die - Yes You Are

There is a tape out from al-Zarqawi that purportedly says he is ok and has rejoined the fight. His message is said to be directed to OB


Well if the steel in the lung did not kill him this time, it will only be a matter or time before the next one does. This is a guy with a huge crisis on his hands. Even the Sunni are starting to wake-up and attacking al-Zarqawi's terrorists.

Sunni's Awake?

This is very good news that the Sunni's are seeing the failed way of the terrorist agenda. Got a ways to go, but this is a very good sign for the future.

The deilusional and propaganda element of the Zarqawi tape said this: Al-Zarqawi also claimed that his insurgent followers had won this month's bloody battle against U.S. troops at the town of Qaim near the Syrian border.

The facts show this: The U.S. military said it killed 125 militants during its weeklong offensive against al-Zarqawi's fighters. Nine U.S. Marines were killed and 40 injured during the operation, one of the largest American campaigns since militants were driven from Fallujah six months ago. The number of civilian casualties was not immediately known.

After a battle if your guys account for 90% of those who died, it is not a win, rather it's a crushing defeat. Propaganda and the desire to die is about all they have left it would appear..............................

DNC Hypocritical & Improper Travel Disclosed

Sounds like we have lots of DNC members with many more infractions and improper travel than Tom Delay that had gone undisclosed until now

DNC Rush To Disclose

When you are as dirty as the DNC on this issue wouldn't you think twice before making it a witch hunt? Kind of puts the whole Tom Delay investigation into perspective does it not?

Post Dispatch Dishonors Memorial Day

I'm not surprised by the Post Dispatch's selection today as their Memorial Day editorial. We have heard the same theme from the Pravda Post for the past two years, so it is in a way expected. Here is the Post's offering on this day of remembering the men and woman who serve to keep us free and safe:

Pravda's Irrational Rant

First observation is that it is obviously a political protest piece directed at the Iraq war. I think it's obviously fine for the Post to make their protest of the war known in their pages, this is America, but I do think that today is a tasteless and inappropriate time.

The Post did not honor the men and woman who have served in our many different wars ( they do mention the total number who have died since 1775 ), but their is no focus or appreciation for all who served in at all times to keep us free.

Instead the Post uses today's article to push an agenda that the war in Iraq is wrong and that today's soldiers are people who do not live in Ladue or Gross Point Michigan. Again if that is an argument or point they want to pursue then I say great. I do however thing that today is not the day to explore that point.

Today was the day to thank those who have served and especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Today was a day for no politics or agenda, rather pure and straight forward appreciation for the act of serving our country. Plain and simple that was what today was about. We read the Post's objection and protest to the Iraq war every day, so would it not have been appropriate to limit that agenda to 364 days and appropriately make today a day to honor our Veterans?

Instead the Pravda Post cheapens and disrespect the dedicated day for all who have served with their political ranting. One would hope for more, but understanding that we are talking about the Post Dispatch, it is unfortunately not a surprise.

Dominique de Villepin Rising - Nice Hair Too

Early rumors on the fall out from the Non vote and who's head will roll

UE Vote Fall-Out

Lets get this straight:

Interior Minister Dominique de Villepin has emerged as the favourite to replace the hugely unpopular Jean-Pierre Raffarin. Possessed with dashing good looks, a striking head of grey-white hair, boundless confidence and energy, Villepin is an ultra-loyal aristocrat who, as foreign minister, was the public face of French opposition to the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

Oh those French know how to pick a leader don't they, good looks, striking hair, and opposition to the US. All that and a poet as well. Sounds like the full French package doesn't it?

Michel Houellebecp On the French Non Vote

An interesting post that has the reaction from a leading French author on the Non Vote

Houellebecp and Midget Strippers

Sounds like the French elite just might be a bit out of touch with the electorate on more than the EU constitution.

French EU Election Map Results

Powerline has a recap of the Non vote in France and a very interesting map.

French Election Map

Seems that the map looks a lot like the US map November 2004. A sea of red with small pockets of blue in the metropolitan areas. What does that mean? I don't know but it will be an interesting dynamic to understand in the coming days.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Thank You Veterans I Understand and Appreciate

I'm going to repost Charles M. Grist's article as my Memorial Day offering.

The Best Memorial Day Article

It's a great article that tells it exactly like it is. It's not home cooking just real appreciation for what Charles said. It touched me and made my convictions even stronger. I hope that it will be posted for maximum viewership on the blogsphere.

Charles, first thank you for your service and sacrifice for this country. I can not thank you enough for that selfless act. Second thank you for framing the military actions of the day so clearly and personally. I get it and 52%+ of Americans get it.

To all veterans like Charles, thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me, my family, and Our Country.

MSM Creates News With Bill Maher If Facts Get In The Way

A great and personal article by Charles Grist of my former home town of Orlando, Florida

Facts? No Facts Please

I particularly like this statement by Grist which I think cuts to the core of the hollywood and msm bias

"People like Maher and Penn live in a pseudo-world of self-indulgence, makeup and mirrors. They cannot begin to comprehend a real world full of real bad guys who want to take away all your freedoms and then kill you."

and this one even more:

In this life, there are those who "talk" and those who "do." The men and women who are willing to stand up and fight for their fellow citizens are the greatest of the doers. They don't achieve the fame of celebrities, but they achieve greatness, nonetheless. They give their hearts, souls, blood and, sometimes, their lives. They deserve only our respect and undying gratitude.

You may apologize again, Mr. Maher.

Is it strange that the liberal left has embraced a fake news man as their guy? Not really, when held accountable to produce factual reporting, and back up the claims if it does not support their agenda, then they turn to Maher and the true "False but True" agenda.

A political party who believe a comedian over even their own ultra liberal MSM because accountability has been demanded. A sad intellectual place to live I would think.............

North Korea Ripe For Overthrow?

A good article by Michael Barone on the subject of the coming fall of North Korea

Bush's North Korea Plan

Bush is committed to doing what is right for "oppressed people". That being giving them freedom if they have the will to gain it. What a beautiful gift to the people of the world.

So why are so many liberals against freeing the oppressed people of the world? I really don't get that. Well I actually do, they are completely opposed to military action regardless of the benefits. Its the ghost of Vietnam that controls their minds and hearts. To bad, time to move on with the majority folks........

People of Ambition Vote Republican

Well even WaPo can't lie when the facts are this clear

RNC Solid Standing

So, people who believe in the American Model that you can do anything your drive, ambition, and work ethic will carry you to, vote Republican? Well my question is why is anyone except perhaps Paul Krugman surprised by that? Seriously.........

Free markets, unlimited opportunities, and capitalism attract people of action and substance. Those people don't like socialist models and mindsets that say you can only do so much and we will pay you but just so much. That's a very bad model just check out what is going on in Europe today with that exact model.

Bush's Supreme Court Judges

Of course the fili activities the past few weeks have much more to do with the coming nominees to the Supreme Court and the next Chief Justice

Coming Nominees

Bush will probably nominate either Anthony Scalia or Clarence Thomas and either would be a great selection. They do something that the left hates, which is to rule based on the constitution and not advocate from the bench. Of course the left is not happy that Bush will put his blue print on the court with a Chief Justice and one if not two or three Justices. But hey, they forget that 52% of America voted strongly for Bush and gave him a strong mandate. The left has tried to discredit the mandate but they can't.

I find it especially humorous to read things like this from the ultra liberals:

Liberals predict a major fight if Bush nominates someone in the mold of Thomas and Scalia, or anyone viewed as too conservative. "If [Bush] puts a nominee up whose record is hostile to individual rights, this administration will be igniting a firestorm of opposition around the country," said Nan Aron, director of the Alliance for Justice, which helped block the confirmation of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court in the late 1980s. "I think it will be a fight that will shape our lives for decades."

It will shape our lives for decades and America voted in a major statement of 52% to 48% telling everyone except I guess Nan Aron that they wanted Justices who ruled per the constitution and did not legislate from the bench. Via President Bush's mandate re-election.

Paul Krugman's Insane Rants........

Paul Krugman is calling for the second new deal and another depression. Krugman is more than a bazaaro socialist, Krugman I think is truly insane.

Krugman Longs For The Depression Days

Only Crazy Paul could find a silver lining in the resounding defeat that the DNC had handed to them in November. PK ignores the reelection of Bush by 52% of the vote, Senate pick-ups including Dachel's, and House seat pick-up and claims that at the local level Dems have a mandate. Huh? Well remember this is Paul Krugman talking here. If he does not like the facts and it does not support his stories agenda, then he just makes it up like it appears a lot of the MSM do.

Krugman is so blinded with hate for the right of center people in this country that have taken control of it that I think he would welcome a depression to push an even more socialist agenda. No doubt about that in my mind. The typical defeatist attitude. Paul take your medicine and stay away from sharpe objects......................................

More On The Chirac Collapse

A good post by Decision 08' on the socialist model in Europe


I particularity liked this part of the post:

As the great Arthur Chrenkoff noted recently, politics in France (and indeed, the greater part of Europe) seems divided between what most of us would consider the Left and the Far Left, i.e., the clueless versus the insane. It is telling that Chirac's government is considered 'center-right' by Europeans.

It's a huge lose for Chirac and all socialist leaders in Europe.

Boy Those French

If you want the perfect summary of why the french lost to the germans in a matter of days in WWI and WWII, here it is via LGF

Voting With An Empty Head

Katia Volman did her duty and voted via a blank ballot. Are you kidding me???? A perfect summary of all things french and why they have no say in world affairs nor should they.

Non To Chirac And EU Constitution

Well first we had the rebuke of German Chancellor Gerhad Schroeder and the Socialist Democrat's in Germany and now the French say "NON" on the EU constitution.

French Say Non

This was in fact a stinging "rebuke" of Jacques Chirac and his leadership. Chirac had lobbied for a yes vote on his baby and the french said non but a 55.% to 44.5% ratio.

It appears that Schroeder and Chirac have some very serious egg on their face and have lost all credibility. Funny thing isn't it that these two were the ones who sought to do just that to Bush. Didn't work out exactly how they planned though....

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Where Is the Muslim Outrage?

Where is the outrage by American Muslims and American Arabs for the crimes being committed "now" in Iran and across the Muslim world?

Dark Ages

It is outrageous that this could be occurring and no one is outraged. Why are American Arabs not screaming about this as well as the MSM? It is repulsive. stoning a woman who is buried to her waist for who cares what the charge is? No charge justifies this verdict.

I'm starting to develop some strong opinions about Islam, and it's up to free Muslims to right the picture that the world sees from Muslims. Show us now.........Your running out of time.................................

MSM Haunted By Vietnam

The ghost of Vietnam controls the mind set and reporting of today's MSM. The children of the counter culture have that mindset and have not left it behind. They can't it is who they are and what defines them.

It's sad that they can not leave it as a history point and move on. Instead they make it a dominate and controlling part of their coverage of the news in 2005.

80% of America are not haunted by Vietnam, It's time for the MSM to move on and gain a healthy perspective.

Report the news in a fair and balanced manner, and get rid of that whole Vietnam bias mindset that 80% of us don't let define us or the country. Time to move on....

Oliver Stone Would Have Made A Status Quo Journalist

I think that Oliver Stone would have been a journalist if he had not become a movie director. Why? Well he is a child of the sixties who bought into that whole counter culture program and exposes American for all it's faults per Stone and his fellow counter culture stoners. Here is what Stone is up to today:

Stoner Stone Busted

Problem is that there are only so many movie director positions, and a robust percentage of the sixties counter culture would be movie directors migrated over to the MSM. And that takes us to where we are today. If they could not make movies to promote the counter culture then they would write their version of the facts dam the facts and realities. The "cause" of the counter culture................

Oliver Stone was rewarded by his stoned fellow counter culture club with Academy Awards for "Born on the Fourth of July" and "Platoon" which won the Oscar for best picture. See the link? Yes it's Vietnam and the ghost that haunts the soul, heart and mind of the counter culture MSM. They can not clearly see the future because they are anchored to the past from the "Ghost" of Vietnam.

Newsflash to the MSM counter culture types, Vietnam ended twenty plus years ago. Move on, get a grip and become healthy in mind and soul. It's over and does not define me or 80% of Americans. It does however define 80% of the 20% that make up the MSM.

Tennessee Senator John Ford Has A Bad Public Service History

More on the Ford scandal via timesunion

Ford Pinto

Ford sound like the most corrupt of corrupt legislators:

Prosecutors played a videotape Friday of Ford watching an undercover agent count out $10,000 and an audiotape of him allegedly threatening a potential witness. His lawyer suggested the purported threat was meant as a joke.

I wonder it the drool from his mouth while counting the cash was also a joke? I get the visual of Tony Montana in the money room on Scareface.

Some additional character info on Ford here:

During his tenure in the state Senate, John Ford has lost paternity lawsuits, given a political job to a girlfriend, used campaign money for his daughter's wedding and been successfully sued for sexual harassment.

Sounds like an upstanding State Senator, huh? I'll raise the bet to $50 to any takers on whether the Pravda Post will put this story in the paper. I bet if it was a Republican State Senator in our neighboring state of Tennessee that it would make the cut..........................

Uncle John Ford's Impact on Harold Ford Jr's Senate Bid

This will be bad news for State Senator John Ford's nephew U.S. Rep Harold Ford Jr. (Dem), who has been positioned as one of the up and coming stars of the DNC, by the DNC leadership.

Chicago Machine imported to Tennessee

Sounds like the Ford Family have imported a Chicago style Daley machine to Tennessee. Bribes, threats, subversion of the laws you are swore in to protect, yep it sounds like a southern DNC Daley machine.

Rep Harold Ford Jr. had his eye on the Senate, but this blows that thought out of the water. Being a family of this corrupt political family machine removes the Senate from consideration.

Harold's Senate Bid?

I have $20 bucks that says there will be no coverage of the Ford Family scandal in the St. Louis Post Dispatch coverage. Any takers?

Guild President Linda Foley Refuses Union Members Request

A member of the Newspaper Guild is not happy with Linda Foley and her comment here in STL where Foley stated that the American Military targets journalist in Iraq.

via Instapundit

Hiawatha Bray is a reporter for The Boston Globe and a member of the guild. Bray had a conversation on the phone with Foley today at 11:10AM and asked Foley to either back-up her statements or to retract them. The statement that Bray is asking Foley to prove or retract was made here in the STL at the NCFMR May 13th. Here is what Foley said:

"Journalists, by the way, are not just being targeted verbally or ah, or ah, politically. They are also being targeted for real, um … in places like Iraq. What outrages me as a representative of journalists is that there's not more outrage about the number, and the brutality, and the cavalier nature of the U.S. military toward the killing of journalists in Iraq. They target and kill journalists uh, from other countries, particularly Arab countries like Al -, like Arab news services like al-Jazeera, for example. They actually target them and blow up their studios with impunity. ..."

If you want to watch Foley's speech for yourself you can see it here


So how did Linda Foley President of the Newspaper Guild respond to one of her union members that she represents direct request to either prove the statement or retract it: "I am not going to discuss this with you on the eve of Memorial Day weekend." I completely agree with Bray's reaction to the Foley response which was "This remark strikes me as extremely odd. I can't think of a better time to redeem the honor of the US military by beginning a serious investigation of outrageous conduct on its part. If our soldiers are deliberately killing journalists, it's our duty to publicize it, so that such a terrible stain on our nation's integrity may be quickly cleansed. If, as I believe, your charge is false, I can think of no better time to retract this slander".

When the President of the Newspaper Guild makes an allegation of this magnitude then it is absolutely required that they either prove their statement is true or they retract it. Not doing so breaks every rule of journalism and that would not be acceptable from any journalist and especially outrageous from the president of the union. Time to come clean Linda Foley and address this matter. Your position demands it.

Just like the Eason Jordan issue that was basically the exact statement that Foley has made, not a single story ran in the Pravda Post. I have not seen one reference to the Foley story yet and don't expect to see one. Why, well like Jordangate, Foleygate exposes the liberally biased MSM as an institution that takes liberties with the facts when it benefits their stories and coverage that is driven by a liberal agenda. It is their duty to hold the government, the private section, private citizens and all other institutions accountable but not themselves. That's off limits and taboo because it exposes the favorite tool of agenda driven liberal media. Newsweek, 60 Minutes, Eason Jordan, Linda Foley, all big high profile false news reporting that some how do not produce a scream of outrage from the MSM. They cover it lightly but no rebuke, rather we get the false but true rational. They continue to erode their credibility and their integrity that is already at seriously low levels.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no truth on this serious matter while Rome burns...............................................

Friday, May 27, 2005

Bill McClellan St. Louis Post Dispatch

Good old Bill McClellan, he does try to please all people regardless of their political stripe depending on the circumstances. In his article today in the Pravda Post he feeds the ultra-liberals some Bush red meat.

sophmore journalism

Well actually he feeds them the Bush daughters. A really sleazy amateur move that a journalist of Bill's ability should not have to stoop to but there was the matter of the Koran Toilet article from a few days ago that he had to make penitence on to the rabid left.

Bill's Koran Toilet Article

Bill is an interesting journalist. I personally like his writing and agree with about 80% of his assertions in his articles that are not politically based. I agree with Bill about 5% of the time when the article is based in political content. Bill is a smart guy and like I said a really good writer. However, Bill is convinced in his mind that he is balanced on the political spectrum. I know this from personal communications with Bill. I insulted Bill about two weeks ago and hurt his feelings. I did not intend to hurt his feelings but from his email I know that I did. I had written a letter to the editor

here early May

Bill took great exception to being called "liberal" even though I did not call him liberal. Why do liberals have such thin skin when called liberal? He told me he was not of the same political stripe as Eric "the" Mink or Sylvester Brown Jr, which I never said. He told me that he supported the death penalty and that he did not vote for Clinton or Gore and never would. I really did not understand how supporting the death penalty or not voting for Clinton or Gore ( he did not say who he voted for ) makes someone "not" liberal. Certainly not a lot of liberals support the death penalty but that in itself certainly does eliminate someone from left of center. After reading Bill's articles, there is overwhelming evidence that he is in fact left of center. Regardless, Bill is real clear in his mind that he is not "liberal". He told me not to include him in emails that put him in the "pool" of liberal media journalist. To say the least, I hit a real sore spot with old Bill and it hurt him. Again, I did not intend to hurt Bill's feelings but that's how I see it, and I say it how I see it.

I did however find it fascinating that someone who is so obviously left of center would be so offended by being put in a moderately liberal placement by a person who has read his article for seven years. I have never before had communications with anyone else like my communications with Bill where I walked away saying "this guy is really uncomfortable with his own skin" and where everyone else sees them. Anyone who has ever read a McClellan article knows that Bill is left of center, that holds up only if Bill does not read his own articles. Bill has a true paranoia about being a liberal that I don't really understand.

Bill is a third party kind of guy in my mind. I see Bill as a Green Party, Ralph Nader, John Anderson kind of guy. A progressive socialist if you will, that really does not trust the government, but really hates private companies and capitalism more. Bill's a big union guy and would really like to see a European Socialist model here in America. A progressive socialist model where the press was "heavy duty" and hampered away at the corrupt government that was by the way better than capitalism (like the Pravda Post here in STL). Bill is a guy who grew up a part of the counter culture and I think the trust no one especially government is a root that grows very deep in Bill's soul. He has the Vietnam ghost in his heart & soul and it controls his mind.

Bill is like my own real world frumpy uncle who like Bill grew up as a teenager of the counter culture. He never really grew out of that socialist democratic mindset, and does not trust anyone especially government. The Grateful Dead, lots of weed, and doing your own thing man. What must it be like to go through life trusting no one because of something that happened 30 years ago? Bill and my Uncle are big fans of the little man which is noble until the union of the little man makes it Delta, United or GM and takes away thousands of jobs because of socialist union demands. He is like my uncle in that he is intelligent and interesting and even engaging from my experiences, but you walk away after fun conversation and bantering asking how someone who seems so intelligent could be so lost on the political topics of the day. But the most revealing thing I walk away from after reading or communicating with Bill McClellan is why is he not comfortable in his moderately liberal place. It's ok to be a moderately liberal person Bill, it really is. Hope I don't hurt your feelings again with that revelation.

I don't know Bill personally but from reading his articles and our communications, that's how I see him and his political base, convictions, and offerings in his articles. I have read Bill's article for seven year even though I don't usually agree with his political liberal leanings. That's fine and how it should be, we should all be able to read opinion and thoughts of others who we don't share the same convictions with and try to gain a better understanding. Most importantly, where Bill McClellan is on the political spectrum is about the last item of real concern on my radar, but it is interesting and that's why I have posted on it.

USA Today Promotes Hillary

USA Today threw together an terrible piece of journalism today that promotes the idea that America is embracing Hillary's new move to the middle. Susan Page wrote the article so that tells one a great deal

Hillary's MSM Stats

The only important info is the last sentence of the article: Among those surveyed, 54% called Clinton a liberal, 30% a moderate and 9% a conservative. That from a USA-Gallop survey pool. To get it about accurate and reflective of the true American voter I'd say raise the liberal category by 10% and lower the moderate rating by 10%. To justify my rational simply look at the 9% conservative rating.

A country that just re-elected a conservative President during a time of war and a down turn in the economy, will not support a person identified as liberal. Way to early to even be talking about this in my mind but this one I could not pass on.

Serious Economic Issues In Socialist Germany

A great article by Hans-Werner Sinn of Project Syndicate, that explores the current economic crisis in Germany and why it is only going to get worse

German Collapse

Pretty much my exact opinion about the European Socialist Democracies and what I see as their fate. Now once again, can someone explain to me why the left in this country wants to follow such a model?

More Lt. Hiroo Onoda's?

Now this story has the makings of a great book or movie

Lost In WWII

Can you imagine? I definitely want to hear more about this.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cash Out On That House

I think the real estate market is about to burst. I think I am going to sell and cash out and buy a 20% to 30% discounted home due to needed re-build.

I will gain in the neighborhood of $100,000 so why not? So here is your Tony free advise, sell now and cash out. Like my favorite mutual "out of favor", position only in the term of a home in this discussion. Sound strange? Then never mind.................Keep it and enjoy

Why Do You Read & Visit Bogs?

So why do you read blogs? I'd be real interest in your "comments" on that question. Leave me your thoughts in the comment section. Surely you have a comment and opinion if you read blogs.......

Zarqawi Dead? It's Really Not That Important

It is not that big of a deal if Zarqawi is dead or seriously injured. He will be replaced by another crazy Short Minded NY type Professor, only of Arab descent. That said here is what the latest is on Zarqawi per Fox:

Zarqawi Took A Steal One In The Lung?

President Bush said four years ago that this will be a long, hard, and on going fight that we will win, however it will be a long Struggle. So who has forgotten this? How could you forget the perfectly framed picture that President Bush gave America?

Zarqawi is a terrorist killer just like OB. If he is dead, great. If he is not dead, we will kill him soon enough just like OB if we have not already killed his sorry ass. They will move-up, we will kill them, and then kill those who replace the move-ups.....................

Brooklyn College Hate Professor Shortell

If you thought that nut job professor Churchill was out of the mainsteam, take a look at this guy

Professor of Hate

These are the people our Universities promote and employ with our tax dollars to eductate our young people? Time for a Class Action Suit I say.............

There is serious issue when "Extremist" like Shortell are in charge of how our students are educated. He is a radical extremist person full of hate. A person so bent on his bias political angle that he uses the term "retards" to insight hate and discourse. People like that should not educate anyone...............Rather they should be removed and ridiculed for their disgusting and hateful views and bias.

I Agree With Dianne Feinstein? Really????

Well I think I will go stick an ice pick in my eye. Why? Well I am in agreement with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California. What do I agree with Feinstein on? From the Pravda Post

Fill It Up With Corn

I'm all for hybrid cars, aggressive research into solution that reduce dependency on oil and the middle east, however, you don't just mix ethanol and gas together and double the consumable gas.

It's very expensive to incorporate corn juice into usable gas for your car and mine. It is a complicated and expensive process that makes the end product more expensive usually than the straight oil product. There is even evidence for you Greens that it causes more pollution than straight oil. Must be the fiber.......

There are too few refineries, to many different mix requirements per region, and to now make it a mandate to add corn juice is just silly. Sorry Senator Talent.....

I love farmers and think they are the fabric of America. I can even support subsidies within reason to help them keep the corn growing strong. However, when you tell me I have to put corn in my car and pay more for it than straight oil, I have a really big problem with that.

My God, of all things for me to agree with Dianne Feinstein, it's Corn? Weird....

Hardball Is A Softball

While watching Scarborough Country this evening, MSNBC ran an advertisement for Chris Mathews and Hardball. It's lead was, Chris' job is to hold the newsmakers accountable. What???????

Are they serious? Mathews holds no one left of center accountable for anything. He is a liberal MSM hack mouth piece. What a perverted and disgusting premise to promote in their advertisement.

He is an irrational, mentally unbalanced, and very irrational person who it is fun to laugh at when he tries to make a biased laden point. On that front, he is entertaining in a comical way.

What Do I Mean By Dutch Pirates?

For those who don't understand why I call the Dems Dutch Pirates when it comes to the Filibuster, see my earlier blog


Filibuster: from the Dutch word meaning pirates, too steal........

Fili: short for Filibuster, and I like how it sounds. Filiiiiii......

UN Is Really Very Irrelevant

Another thought on Bolton and the filibuster against him today in the Senate. Who cares really about the UN? I don't care if you send a monkey or a fool to the UN. Not that Bolton is, I think he is the tough medicine that we should give the UN right now while they rob, steal, rape and kill around the world. That said, if we did send a real monkey to the UN it would fit in perfectly.

What matters to me are 1) Iraq and the war on terror 2) Judges 3) tax reform 4) sound economical development and 5) reforming and improving public education. The UN nominee really does not enter my radar compared to what is important.

Never the less, the Dems have issued a fili on Bolton. Its wrong and it breaks the weak deal that McCain constructed. It will be interesting to see what Johnny has to say and what he does over the next several days.

Democrats Filibuster Bolton

If it looks like, acts like, and smells like a Dutch pirate, then it probably is a fili

Dutch Pirates Obstruct

Sounds like we went about two days until the fili - deal broke down. The Dems have filibustered the Bolton nominee and in about thirty days we should see the fili - bomb come back out of its case. Talk about a short lived deal, even in Washington time.

Look for the President to set the tone over the next thirty days and setting the table for when the good old gangs of Senators reconvene. The biparticanship is over, nice couple days in dreamland right? I think there will be some real blood on the sword on this one over the next few weeks. Who's? Don't know but if you thought last week was nasty, this will make that look pale.

Dutch pirates are flying the fili flag.....................

Rumor, Hearsay, & False But False Newsweek Reporting

More bad news for newsweak (sic)

No Koran Flush

Per Brig General Jay Hood, "I'd like you to know that we have found no credible evidence that a member of the Joint Task Force at Guantanamo Bay ever flushed a Koran down a toilet," Hood said. "We did identify 13 incidents of alleged mishandling of the Koran by Joint Task Force personnel. Ten of those were by a guard and three by interrogators."

Mishandling, what might mishandling be? Per the investigation per this is the rumored mishandling:

The unidentified prisoner, re-interviewed at Guantanamo on May 14, said he had heard talk of guards mishandling religious articles but did not witness any such acts, Hood said. The prisoner also stated that he personally had not been mistreated but that he heard fellow inmates talk of being beaten or otherwise mistreated.

The prisoner did not specifically recant his earlier allegation, since Hood said the prisoner was not asked in the May 14 interview whether he had made the specific statement in 2002 as reported by the FBI. Instead he was asked more broadly whether he had seen the Koran "defiled, desecrated or mishandled."

"He allowed as how he hadn't, but he heard that guards at some other point in time had done this," Hood said, adding that this allegation from the 2002 FBI report was the only one Hood found that involved a toilet.

Nice sourcing, that flushing sound you hear is newsweak and the MSM going around and down the bowl.......................

Newsweeks First Person Source Retracts

So let me get this straight, newsweak (sic) wrote a story that caused widespread rioting and killing in the Muslim world based on the false info from a detainee back in 2002?

Prisoner toilet source retracts

First of all who in their right mind would believe something that a terrorist suspect said about this matter without serious evidence? Newsweaks (sic) serious evidence and confirmation of the story, one unanimous source. Really scary......

newsweak and retraction seems to be a good word match........

No Vote on EU Constitution Expected Via France

Looks like the EU consitution is going down in a no vote

No French Kiss

Well socialist democracies don't work on their own and to try and combine several together is an even greater disaster.

First the German problem with Schroeder's Socialist Dems loosing the election, and now the French and pest Chirac seeing their vision of a united and socialist UE going down the drain. Excuse me while I sit back, enjoy and laugh.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

FOX Win's Ratings - New King

Fox wins, so I'm not surprised since I watch Fox about 70% of the time

Fox Wins

Considering the very unbalanced news on the MSM, I say, who is watching that? Seriously if you are watching NBC, CBS, ABC, or PBS, enjoy the liberal drug while its there. It's going down, down, and down, and will be half of what it is now in one year. Good riddance..

Hollywood Girlie Manish Types

Yes Warren, you are a very Girlie Manish type................

Girlie Manish

All of the liberal hollywood gang are girlie manish types, and they are sinking fast. No one is watching their crap. Girlie manish person indeed..........

Really Bad Story Research For Newsweek

Really bad news for newsweak (sic)

False but False

Going to get REALLY HOT at newsweak..............

Two Up - Two Up

Well one up, and one UP

Owen First

Things are off to a good start. Bolton next and it sounds very positive on him

Bolton Second

Looks good for two up and two UP. Stay tuned................

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Senator John Warner On Fili

On Fox with Brent tonight:

John Warner (R) Senator Virginia, says the compromise on the fili, simply took the fuse off the fili - bomb, but it can be quickly and easily reapplied if the fili rears its ugly head again. He sounded like an old hand, who truly does not want the fili - bomb to go off. Per Warner, what goes around comes around, but sounds like the Republicans who signed the compromise are ready to light the fuse if needed

Stay tune, sounds like the Dems took the best possible deal to me so far, and the fuse is at ready..................

Linda Foley Says Our Military Targets Journalists

Nice to see that the MSM is catching up as usual about a week late at earliest

MSM Catches Up

Thomas Lipscomb of the Chicago Sun-Times catches up on the statements by Newspaper Guild President Linda Foley, when she claimed that our men and woman in the military target journalist. She made the statements at the Moyers ultra liberal love feast NCMR here in STL two weekends ago.

I posted on this here


Polls Support Up or Down Vote

Here is how Gallup had the polls on the fili

Which comes closest to your view -- [ROTATED: you want to see the filibuster rule preserved and you do not want those judicial nominees confirmed, you want to see the filibuster rule preserved, but you would like to see the Senate have an up-or-down vote on those nominees, or you want to see the filibuster rules changed so that those judicial nominees are subject to an up-or-down vote]?


Option 1 Preserve filibuster, do not want vote (19%)
Option 2 Preserve filibuster, would like to see vote (34%)
Option 3 Want rules changed (35%)
No opinion (12%)

So, 69% want the rules changed (fili removed) or for it to stay but an up or down vote on each nominee. I don't recall hearing a whole lot of stats on this one from the MSM before today.

Well if the fili - bomb comes back out in the next few days lets see if the poll plays out in the articles and coverage of the MSM.

Post Defends Unfairly Filibustered Judges - Really?

It's not often that I point out a good point made by the Post Editorials but this one had an interesting point

This Is The Post?

It's pretty rare to hear the Post say things like this: "As for future appeals court nominees, including U.S. Supreme Court nominees, Democrats agreed to filibuster only "under extraordinary circumstances." That's fair. The filibuster should be a last resort in the extraordinary case, not wielded as frequently as Democrats have to block Mr. Bush's appeals court nominees".

For the Post to say that, is very revealing. I wonder why the Post did not write editorials like this over the past four years? Same judges that were not acceptable for years are now acceptable and the Post is just discussing this now that the Fili-Bomb has been uncocked for the time being? Go figure.................

Shaky Dutch Fili Deal?

The Fili deal is already looking a little shaky


We will just have to see how this whole deal plays out. Until they start voting its to early to tell exactly the impact of the agreement. Should be fun regardless to watch however.

Monday, May 23, 2005

New Social Security Deal Part of Filibuster Deal?

Lindsey Graham (R) Senator South Carolina, said on Hardball a few moments ago that the moderate group who put the fili - comp deal together, says the group has a Social Security reform deal in the makings. To quote Chris Mathews' response, "REALLY"!

Sounds like this might have legs. The legs could be a really good thing if it produces a group of moderate Senators who insist that business go to the floor for more than a fili and actual voting and construction of law. This could be a very good and interesting dynamic to watch. Being a moderate conservative I think that absolute party line politics are not effective, and the party line no, no, NO, that has come out of Harry Reid and the DNC leadership might have just been broken this PM. Until tonight the DNC has said no on everything Bush since November 2004, and tonight we have 3 of 5 judges getting a yes and the rumor of a Social Security reform deal in the works. Light years from yesterday.

If Graham is correct and a Social Security offer is in the works, then that is exactly what has happened. This could be huge, and very positive for moving America forward.

Dutch Deal - Filibuster Deal In Senate

The just reported filibuster deal per Fox

fili deal

Short term its a winner for the Dems. Had the fili been removed then of course they would have no influence on judicial nominees. The deal leaves the option of fili open for the Dems on nominees for the appeals court and Supreme court "only under the extraordinary circumstances". If the Dems fili a nominee that such action in the minds of the Republicans is not "extraordinary circumstances" then the fili-buster option is back in play and the Republicans can take the fili out of the rules catalog.

So I say its way to early to tell the end of this chapter. What we do know is 3 of 5 Bush nominees are going through. If the Dems fili a nominee that the Republicans feel did not deserve it then back comes the fili-buster. The option is intact and 3 of 5 are being confirmed.

If the Dems are for real that they will no longer follow the extreme left and fili candidates like the 3 they have agreed to in this round and that is how they plan to address future candidates then I say this is a big win for the Republicans. If they have risen above the fili terrorism that the DNC started using and broke with a 200 plus year tradition on judicial candidates, then I say that is a really good sign. The extreme division promoted by the DNC leadership maybe in the process of being peeled away. Lets hope the moderate Dems have broken from the fili happy Reid leadership and are willing to be rational. One has to wonder if that is the case since they are now voting for 3 judges that they had in the past put the fili on.

If not, then the Republicans still have the fili - buster sitting in wait.

German Election – No To Schroeder & Socialist Democrats

Well how about those election results in Germany over the weekend? A big and loud vote against German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and his SPD (Socialist Democrats).


The economy is in the toilet because of socialist reform programs and now has resulted in a 12% unemployment rate. By contrast the US unemployment rate of 5.2% is a rock solid number. Germany has an unemployment rate 100% + what the US rate is.

Socialist models don’t work, even when propped up with a smidge of democracy. All of the European socialist countries are heading for an eye popping bad ride with a failing socialist economic model and a retiree to worker ratio that makes America ratio look golden. Heavy socialist weighted retirement programs will drive these countries economies even deeper in the ground. And the liberal arm of the DNC wants to follow this same model?

Look for reform and the trimming of programs in the next few years. It should be an absolute war over there but it is necessary to right the ship and keep it from collapsing. Germany, France, and all of European models based in socialism are in deep trouble and it should be wild to watch how they come to grips with this issue.

Bet the thumbs down vote by the German people of the liberal socialist government gets little if any time in the MSM. It does not support their model and they will simply ignore the story that would cause their model bad reviews.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Inaccurate but Accurate Media Mindset

On the Sunday morning shows, the liberal media is indignant over being held accountable for accurate reporting. The gnashing of the teeth is loud and painful and their scream is "how dare you question our right to write what we think needs to be reported"

newsweak (sic) is of course the fuel that has flamed this fire. The subscribers of news say the story was wrong and question how such a story could be published unless it was driven by an agenda. The liberal press are promoting the "inaccurate but accurate" philosophy used by Dan Rather and CBS on Rathergate. The rational being the story is wrong but they believe that the basis of the story is in fact correct. In essence, we can make up the news as we see fit including details and evidence because we know that is what is happening and true.

A scary mindset indeed from an institution that is suppose to report "news" and "facts" first and foremost. Unfortunately just like so many judges in America, the MSM have an activist agenda and don't let little things like accuracy and facts get in the way of that agenda.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Lee Purchase of Post Dispatch & Liberal Requirement

Here is the Pravda Post purchase agreement with Lee

Liberal Contract Requirments Selling a lie to your readers..................

So is this unbelievable? The Pravda Post admits that they are ultra liberal and want that in their new coverage. A biased newscoverage that makes the paper a political hack mouth piece and untrustworthy. How could anyone trust a newsource like the Post for their view of the world, nation, state and city after knowing this? Well if you want to be lied to and have a bias reinforced then I guess it is great. If you want real news with a balanced presentation of the news and the events of the day then the Post does not fit that bill.

Editor "Ellen" continues to saturate the Post with liberal bias in a sad and a leaning that is insulting to anyone of above an average intellectual ability. Tell me what I want to hear and reinforce my biased view of the world is the code of the ultra liberal Pravda Post reader. Truth, no I don't want to hear that because it will turn my apple cart side ways and expose the bias of the MSM. Lie to me and make me feal warm and fuzzy and good.....

The Pravda Post ( St. Louis Post Dispatch ) is the most liberal newspaper in America. It is a rubber stamp to the socialist liberal mind-set. Feed your mind within the limits of your own convictions if that is all you are able to comprehend..........................

Guardian Polution On Saddam

The ultra liberal UK press says that Saddam lives in "bleak" conditions

UK Liberal Crap

OK, so where is the story? Seriously where is it and what is the story? A Dictator and his top staff live in conditions that are less than hotel luxurious, and I'm suppose to be upset? Come on.............................

Looks to me from the underwear shots that Saddam has it pretty good from the surroundings in the photo. Mass grave after mass grave that we find show that's better treatment that he and his gang deserve. I'll give you one shot at identifying what they would have chosen if given the chance.

I don't think 80% of the Iraqi population will have issues with where Saddam is housed, his condition and him washing his own clothes in his underwear. I think that they have much stronger measures in mind for him in the coming days................................

Bill McClellan's Richard Byrd Article

Bill McClellan's article in the Pravda Post is a good one as it often is. He writes about Rep. Richard Byrd (R. Kirkwood), and his efforts to get financial compensation for people falsely convicted and who do time on that false conviction prior to passing away this week


The article reads well, has lots of interesting facts and a very easy style. That's what makes Bill's articles a good read. The interesting thing is that Bill gives a lot of positive feedback about what Byrd has done especially on the compensation for falsely convicted citizens and calls him a good guy. Then in what has to be a pre-publishing checklist from Editor Ellen Soeteber, Bill tosses a couple shots at the Republicans in Jeff-City. Well of course, the Pravda Post rule books must say that if you praise a Republican, you have to at least send a shot at them, but preferably two or more.

Bill's article would have been a much better piece if he would have just left it as a positive recount of what Richard Byrd did as a human being and representative and why he appreciated him. Putting in the Ellen Soeteber rule, cheapens it and made it much less of what it could have been. Well that's the Pravda Post way you know, put the political borders up in every story. If you have not read about the published story validating the Post's liberal agenda in their purchase contract with Lee, take a look at it here

Liberal Condition of Post Sale

Back to the essence of Bill's story, anyone who is not in agreement that a person convicted of a crime and who served time for that does not deserve some form of compensation, is well a bit off the logical map. Time taken away for something you did not do, should result in compensation and a foot up in getting back into the world. If it was minimum wage then it would be $10,712 per year. I'd say start there and go up if the person was earning more in a current job when they were convicted. Sounds fair to me. How about you?

St. Louis Blog

I joined a local STL blog group this evening. The stlbloggers.com site looks like an interesting group of bloggers. I have been more focused on the national and international scene on my blog and would like to explore the local STL blog landscape a bit more.

Here is the site if you have an interest:

STL Bloggers

Being metro STL that tiny blue dot in a sea of red, it appears to have more liberally based bloggers and that's fine. I enjoy lively and intelligent conversation with people of all political leanings, it offers the opportunity to enlighten and be enlightened. Thinking and reflecting is a great thing regardless of who inspires the thoughts and reflection. If nothing else it helps reinforce one's own groundings.

So here is to diving deeper into the local blog scene and learning what is really happening in the STL blogger world.......................

Cannes Film Festival - Same Old Same Old

Danish film maker Lars Von Trier is upset that he can't vote in American elections and give Bush the boot.

Danish Tart

Of course the Cannes Film Festival was used as a platform of anti American sentiment from the creative left film industry.

Lars should contact the DNC on the voting thing. If they can give such disenfranchised voters as convicted felons and dead people the right to vote I bet they can work something out for Danes like Lars.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Cuban Revolution?

I'm guessing that it would not take much for the US to support an inner movement from the Cuban people if they choose democracy, how about you?

Cuban Awakening?

If Cuba awakes, then I will go out on a limb and say we will support them in a big way. No bay of pigs on this one, rise up and take your country back for the people and you will be free..................

Iran Plans To Blow You Up

European diplomacy at it's not working best

Euro Negative Negotiations

Anyone else real uncomfortable with letting the Germans, French and Brits continue to negotiate this deal? I bet the Israelis are real uncomfortable with this, and rightfully so.

Time for a western presence and staging plan in Iraq to deal with this issue I say.

NYT Defends newsweak

Damage control for Newsweek via the NTY


The standard issue, Muslims hate us because of Bush, our treatment of muslims is why they hate us, even though the Newsweek story was false it was also correct ( remember Rathergate?). Like I said the standard offering from the liberal left, socialist agenda driven to move us to a european modeled socialist democracy.

This offering was particularly ignorant:

"The cages, the orange suits, the shackles - it's as if they're dealing with something that's like a germ they don't want to touch," said Daoud Kuttab, director of the Institute of Modern Media at Al Quds University in Ramallah, in the West Bank. "That's the nastiness of it."

Well I have an even nastier vision for you Daoud, fanatical Muslims cutting the heads off innocent civilians and filming it. I bet if they were given the choice these victims would have signed up for the orange suits, shackles, and even naked leash pictures, barking dogs or underwear shots. By the way terrorists are "germs" the worst kind of human germ virus.

Also forgive me for not giving a Ramallah West Bank fanatic a great deal of credibility when they are strapping bombs on kids and sending them out to kill innocent civilians. Just does not resonate with me when a terrorist directs criticism our way.

The NYT and the MSM does not have half a clue. Get ready for another riot inspired by the MSM because of other half true or outright false reporting. Their pulling a page out of the 1967 play book. It won't work this time because Americans see the world much differently after 911.

The majority understand that we have helped millions worldwide move to democracy with our blood and sacrifice. We are real clear on what we have done, why we have done it, and what needs to be done now. The MSM will continue to hit a hollow key on this 1967 play book.

Dean Is Right Leader For DNC

Let's hope the dems don't get too tired of Dean the Scream too soon.

Cold Feet?

This guys is good for at least five seats in the House and one or two Senate seats if the DNC gives him two years worth of rope.

Canadian Political Buy Out

Talk about sleazy politics check out what's happening north of the border

Got A Deal For You

Sounds like the liberals are in deep trouble even in ultra liberal Canada. Even if they hold on short term, I don't think the prognosis long term looks very good for them.

Politically Motivated?

Think there are politics driving this investigation?

DA Fund Raiser

I'm not a big DeLay fan at all, but come on, the DA looking into DeLays political group is the featured speaker at the local DNC fund raiser??????

Only a fool would think this isn't anything but a political Texas two-step....

MSM Claims US Military Targets Journalists Part II

Looks like Easongate episode II hatched here in St. Louis last Friday at the NCMR

Easongate II

Linda Foley the national president of The Newspaper Guild, gave a speech at the NCMR and accused the US Military of targeting journalists in Iraq, just like Eason did a few months ago.

So the Post journalists missed the chance to break the next Easongate story? Oh that’s right they did not cover the first Easongate story so why would they be interested in breaking episode II? It would reflect poorly on the liberally bias MSM.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Qualified Judges? That's Easy.......

You know something, there is only one question I have about any judge regardless of there personal lives, views, or convictions. 1) What is their judicial rulings regarding the constitution, both/either state and federal. 2) Was it highly within the majority view of what the constitution stated and if so then I say 3) They should be voted on Up or Down regardless of 4) A Republican or Democrat President or Governor nominating them 5) Period......................Well two questions of validation and three explanations why important action is valid.

If mainsteam non partisan scorecards say they rule highly in the 90% range within the agreed constitution rules then they should get an Up or Down vote, period. If they don't (per non-partisan score cards) then they don't get a Up or Down, but if they did, then they would be voted down. Understand? Its pretty much that simple.

I'm a Republican and if I was in office and a Republican nominated judge came up for a vote who was outside of the standard of the constitution, I would vote them down. That simple. I don't want any judge legislating from the bench regardless of political leanings. None of President Bush's judges have that issues, the attack is based and focused on their personal values. Another DNC attack on American Values.

The DNC is about to go down the toilet on the judge issue that probably 80% of the non-hard core political Americans see as a no brainier. The no brainier? See above............

Women On The Front Line?

I disagree with the "no women in combat" argument. If they are qualified and want to be there then I say they have the right to fight the good fight on the front lines

No Females?

I don't think that a woman should be in charge of a prison in a Islamic country with Islamic prisoners or for female guards to be deployed in such a prison (we saw that obvious disaster - PC gone as wrong as possible). However, I think saying a female who is "qualified" can't be front line is wrong. If they pass the testing and are qualified and understand the risks then I say let them serve on the line.

Hire Right of Center Media Members

A great article from Andrew Klavan of the LA Times, that points out that if the MSM hired conservative and moderately conservatives to write and edit, they could become legitimate again.

Save Yourself MSM

What a novel thought and the exact formula for revising and saving the MSM. Of course the MSM thinks they have right of center staff, but what they have are a few moderate liberals and nearly no even slightly right of center members.

If the MSM gained the credibility of being truly balanced politically, then it would be possible to engage right of center people on topics like the risk from consolidated corporate ownership of the media. The centralized ownership issue that Moyers and his gang raise I think is a concern (the only one - I still think it should remain private). However, a deconsolidated local media that remained dominated by extreme liberals would be even worse and their coverage more biased and extreme than it currently is. Not a chance of gaining my support or engagement on that program without true political balance in the media.

If there was balance in the media then it would be easy I'd say to get support for ideas like decentralization on media ownership. It won't happen because liberals don't want balance in their media. If they did seek balance in their media and balanced the staff with conservatives and moderate conservatives, then it would bring back a shot at legitimacy and the their media might become America's media.

Pepsi A Choice Finger From An Extreme Company

From Hugh Hewitt on the Pepsico graduate address from president Indra Nooyi.

Pepsi Gives America The Finger

I think Hugh's summary is about right from my perspective: "A statement made with the MoveOn.org crowd in mind, no doubt, and one that cannot be read as an endorsement of anything the country is about today".

I think Pepsi is about to get the finger back from a lot of Americans.

More Bad Reporting From Agenda Driven MSM

ABC and the Black Caucus made errors that are very hilarious but also very sad. Per Powerline

Know Your History?

Anyone still wonder why Rathergate and Newsweek magnitude errors happen so often in the MSM, well its because of the political agenda that drove the ABC story. Wonder why the Black Caucus does a poor job representing African Americans, well they don't know their history and are aligned with the wrong party.

Time For PBS To Go Private?

A good article on PBS and the Moyers speech

Private Time

Well that's what I have said, go form your own media outlets and see if people tune in. If they do then you have what you want. Go private build the media you want anad see what the demand for it is. You can't have my money as seed capital (no tax revenue) but I'm sure you can raise the money you need, so go have a ball..............

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bill Moyers Speech On Media Reform

Here is the Moyers speech from the NCMR conference this past Sunday in St. Louis


In summary it states that the press can not be part of private organizations, rather it must be a public vehicle, and that the current public media is too conservative and controlled by government and business "interests". As incredible as it sounds, per Moyers public media is conservative.

The second part of his speech is a call to arms against Kenneth Tomlinson and Tomlinson’s objective to make PBS objective. Well if you think PBS is already conservative then I can see how that misguided perspective could cause you to issue a call to arms.

The paranoid mentality that drives people like this is what they call one of their greatest strength and inspiration. What is very illogical to me is very logical to them. Maybe some people who get lost in the Vietnam War, the sixties and seventies and a Watergate era mentality never crawl out of that hole of cynicism and can’t ever see the world again without those glasses. Don’t know for sure, but these cats trust no one, zero, nobody………

Newsweek A No Show In Post

Biggest news story of the year and guess who does not cover it?

It got coverage here when it simply looked bad for the administration

bad times

It even got coverage here when it was an apology story

we are sorry times

Absent from today’s edition is any coverage let alone and in-depth coverage explaining how it occurred and resulted in a retraction. This is huge news, why is it absent? Why, my guess is because it is a case of an agenda driven liberal MSM that rushed to cover bad news for the administration and the military, and they did not ensure that it was correct. Well it wasn’t correct and now it’s the Newsweek story that killed people.

Far be it from the Post to shed any light on that story. More important things to cover like the elite recreational facilities in West County vs. the substandard facilities in metro St. Louis. Pathetic………………

Monday, May 16, 2005

Newsweek Retracts Story

Per Fox, Newsweek has retracted their story regarding the Koran


Liberal Post Condition of Purchase

Rathergate has a post on the purchase of the Post Dispatch and the contractual agreement with Lee Publishing. Per Editor & Publisher news the contract has a requirement clause stating that the Post Dispatch must “keep its longstanding liberal editorial slant for at least the next five years”.

Must Stay Liberal

Well there you have it folks in black and white, not only are they admitting they are liberal, they are insisting the tradition of liberal bias be continued as a term of the purchase. Simply incredible……………………………

Better Coverage of NCMR

Well in today’s edition of the Post, Michael Sorkin does a much better job of describing the agenda at the NCMR. He does so by reporting on Bill Moyers address at the conference

Better Coverage of NCMR

I particularly like the eagle with two wings analogy, and think it is actually correct but in a different way than how Moyers framed it. I see the MSM as the eagle and for way to long it has had two left wings and it is crashing because of that.

I think Michael Sorkin did a pretty good job in this article sharing the extreme agenda promoted at this conference and what I saw from my visit there on Saturday. I got on Michael for what I considered inadequate coverage of what was really going on at the conference but I think he provides the full flavor in today’s column.

I also find it ironic that a fire alarm went off during Moyers speech. From what I saw, heard and read, Moyers and the NCMR gang are without a doubt a very disturbing collection of media activists and they got my alarming going.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Newsweek Apologizes For Killing People

Well sorry just does not work here folks, it's way past saying your sorry


It's great that Newsweek has apologized for a false agenda driven story that resulted in at least 15 deaths, but an apology does not erase the deaths that you personally caused. Newsweek editor Mark Whitaker and writers Michael Isikoff and John Barry are personally responsible and accountable for the deaths that resulted from of their story and the untold number hurt and injured. In addition how much do you think this irresponsible and agenda driven journalism has effected our heroes in Afghanistan and Iraq?

If it is too much to ask the ultra liberal MSM to help protection the liberty loving people of the world, is it reasonable to insist that they don't promote a paranoid socialist agenda that kills innocent people?

I think that the Pravda Post Boys (PPB) will let this one go silently into the night also..........................

Newsweek's Criminal Story

A good piece from Powerline on the Newsweek false and criminal (I say) story by utlra-liberal Michael Isikoff. His agenda driven story is a perfect example of chasing the windmills by today's MSM to expose the outrageously uncovered issues that they believe the MSM does not cover because of a privately owned press. Powerline's "Newsweeks Nightmares"

Newsweek's Journalistic Crimes

Again I say that if Isikoff put this story forth without a viable source (anonymous source = nonviable source) and a clear understanding whether it happened or not, he is personally responsible for the deaths that have occurred over the past several days from the hate he fanned and caused. This is a very serious issue, and one that I think clearly show why anonymous sources should never be viewed as reliable and why any editor who allows them is not credible. If someone is not willing to put their name on a story, then my rule is that it is not a story.

I posted on this story this past Friday


The Pravda Post has nothing on this story because I guess they are off chasing windmills.......................

Sylvester Brown Writes A Free Press Like Article

Sounds like Sylvester Brown Jr. of the Post may have went over to the NCMR conference this weekend, based on his column in today's edition and he must have drank a lot of kool aid while he was there

Kool Aid Induced Article

It's done from a sarcastic perspective and angle which pretty much says, yes private ownership of the media and certainly consolidated ownership leads to weak and watered down news. Gone are the days of Murrow, Cronkite and Woodward going after stories regardless of the parent companies green light. Today's news Brown claims is regulated by consideration for other products the parent company sells, thus the sell out by today's media to corporate interests. Sounds exactly like the talk track I heard at the NCMR on Saturday. The funny thing is Sylvester does not mention the conference or attribute today's media sell out argument to Free Press or the other conspiracy theory folks who attended the conference. Therefore I don't know if he went or whether he simply shares their view on this matter without knowing their view.

He takes a shot at Fox of course, bloggers, and conservatives for "redefining news" and not for the better in his opinion. The heavy criticism is as always pointed directly at Bush in the latest Looney conspiracy story the ultra left has cooked up, that being Bush & Blair had planed the Iraq war prior to 911 and there was a "coordinated effort to fix intelligence" to justify the invasion. That's rich even for the ultra left, sounds like they might of played Fahrenheit 911 without listing it on the agenda. Conspiracy mentality is a real good description of the people I mingled with yesterday at the NCMR, so if Sylvester did go to the conference and his visit provided the basis of his story, that is a really easy fit to see. Perfectly understandable that a liberal journalist would walk away from the conference or reading about the views of the NCMR and create such an article.

The really scary thing regardless of whether the NCMR influenced Sylvester's piece or not, is that he wrote it and obviously believes it. That's a scary state of mind for someone who is suppose to have a rational base and a main stream grounding. Perhaps what it tells us is that most of the liberal journalist today do share the party line view of the NCMR. They think that they are balanced even though they are far to the left. With their inaccurate assessment of their objectivity and balance, they see a need to move further to the left and expose the conspiracy injustices that surround us and no one is reporting because private ownership makes the MSM too conservative. Oh the silence the horrible silence it is deafening!!!!

I know what your thinking, that belief and opinion is so insane and irrational based on the facts in front of us day in and day out, but if you drink enough kool aid like the folks at the NCMR, I bet you could talk yourself into believing any conspiracy story and then actually start writing and talking about it.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

National Conference for Media Reform - Observation I

Observation I:

I came away from my visit today to the National Conference for Media Reform (NCMR), thinking about several things and one of them being their model and asking even if a majority of Americans wanted it (they don't & won't), how would it work and could it work?

NCMR folks don't want the media owned by private for profit organizations, so where would the funding come from? Well the government (our taxes) would pay for the network of TV, radio, press, and internet organizations. So tax funding would support their model, how much would that take? Well it would depend on how many options you had. If you had five or six total nation wide channels on TV for example, it would cost much less than the hundreds of channels we currently have. To support the same number of options we currently have under the private model it would take hundreds of millions per channel. Not a cost effective option.

Sounds like their model would produce say five national channels. That sounds like a terrible idea from a choice perspective. Of the 100 plus national channels I have available to me, I watch probably four on a regular basis and then probably another four or five on a limited basis. I only find a total of lets say 10 channels interesting enough out of 100 plus or 10% viewable for my interests and tastes. Needless to say that under the NCMR model I would probably not watch TV at all.

That cuts to the core problem of the NCMR model regardless of the political considerations. People simply would not watch it, just that simple. Think about PBS currently, their ratings have been dropping dramatically for years but seem to have bottomed out recently to a straight line. A straight line reminiscent to death but never the less its not going down currently from its very low level. It's not a viable product and competing against private networks it will never have anything other than a nitch viewership.

That is pretty much what the folks I talked with today were, nitch people that believe deeply in their idea, but it will never be anything other than a nitch player or a nitch idea. It would be a bad product with limited appeal and would simply fail. It would be like having lots of public access channels and that being all you could view. You know those shows on odd cable locations that have garage bands, extreme folks talking about strange - nitch topics ( SNL skit material ), and basically a content that is not very interesting to most of us.

Government controlled and funded organizations do a poor job across the board. They are ineffective and almost always have a lower quality than free market driven products. The pressure of the free market make a product true to the demands and expectations of their customers. By being publically funded, government organizations like PBS are much more incline to be "tone deaf" to the customers desires and wants and therefore deliver a lower quality product. The NCMR model would not work in a country like ours that operates on a free market principle. Imagine a place where the free market directed all business and goods except the media. Again, it's not going to happen and because of uncountable good reasons.

The constitutional right of Free Speech, does not stipulate that media should be delivered from a government controlled organization. Freedom of speech means that I can do what I'm doing right now and that the exchange and expression of ideas can be given freely without oppression or censorship. Putting a government funded and controlled entity in charge of that would be disastrous. Freedom of speech is best served by a free market model, and always will be.

Objective of National Conference for Media Reform

I went down to the National Conference for Media Reform today for about three hours. I'm going to post on that later, but to kind of give you a summary of what the conference was all about, see the below statement from the Free Press website. Free Press is sponsoring the conference:

Media Reforms Goal

It will come as news to few Americans that we are now in the midst of a full-blown journalistic crisis in the United States. For but one example, the cheerleading news coverage of the war in Iraq, both before and during the conflict, has led to widespread public disaffection. Americans have been driven to the BBC and the international press to seek trustworthy news on American foreign policy. Post-election discoveries of pundits that received lucrative, undisclosed contracts from the Bush Administration to push unpopular policies further undermined American confidence in the fourth estate. The exposure of economic and political influence on the reporting of major newsrooms has badly injured the credibility of the "free press." Critically, in the public debate, this crisis in journalism is explicitly tied to the dangers of consolidating media ownership and the corruption of lawmakers by Big Media. Ultimately, the question must be asked: does a commercially-driven media even have the ability to serve the needs of democracy?

This gives you a real quick and accurate perspective on what this gang is all about and the people I mingled with today. They don't want a private media owned by a small pool of corporations and they want a public controlled media and one with very heavy concentration on local control and local programming. A model that looks like BBC on a national scale, with a local PBS based model and the local media having a much bigger role in the over all news coverage. A socialist model of control basically.

Final summary, MSM is controlled by business interests first therefore does not report in the ultra - ultra liberal fashion that these folks want it to. Very scary prospect indeed.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Kofi Didn't Tell All

Well the "dead man walking" has something to tell you.

UN Lies

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan did not initially tell investigators in the Oil-for-Food probe that he met twice with representatives of his son's employer as the Swiss company began soliciting United Nations business. Huh?????? How do you forget to relay something as important as that?

Seems that the details of Kofi's involvement on the Oil-for-Food scandal slipped his mind, until the investigation team started to bring proof to his attention. Then he began to recall the events......................................

Kofi is a dead man walking and a socialist that has to go away. This should do it...................

St Louis Coverage of Free Press Convention Lacks

Here is a letter to a journalist here in STL at the Post about the article linked below. I know letters don't make much of a difference but I live by the motto "try":
Socialist Media Convention

What a great story line to work with but then, dismal results in the content. Michael, you took the best raw story in STL today and turned into a hack influenced piece that was not interesting and void of the deep exploration it offered. Story potential like this does not come along every day, and you laid a rotten egg on it unfortunately.
The framing of Robert McChesney as a conservative, was well disingenuous at best. It's the most disingenuous frame-up I have seen in years. McChesney may have grown up in a Goldwater conservative home and expressed those views at nine years old, but shortly after that time he became the ultra liberal person that he is today. To try and use him as the conservative bookend in your argument that both liberal and conservative interests would be represented at the Free Press convention attacking the MSM was pitiful. McChesney is a stone cold ultra liberal and has been his entire adult life. He is a MoveOn groupie through and through.
The Free Press convention is "completely" made up of ultra liberal activist who think that people like you, Sylvester, Bill, and Eric the Mink are not liberal enough. As hard as that is to comprehend for moderate mainstream people, it is never the less the case. I had the revelation reading your article that it must be very uncomfortable to be a left of center journalist covering this story, when these extremist truly believe that people as liberal as you and the staff at the Post are not liberal enough. They want you a couple clicks left of where you now sit, to the degree of socialist. I understand that it must be difficult for liberal journalist to have the extreme left in town hampering away at you and the Post for being a conservative rag. Man, that is too strange of a concept to even consider and ponder. I tried but there was no connection. So I will cut you some slack on the article.
These Free Press people are crazy extremist and they want to indoctrinate more crazy extremists. They are devoid of the ability to sit down and discuss or debate opposing views or positions. A newspaper, TV news show, radio program or blog should represent the full spectrum of the story and allow the reader, viewer, or listener to make up their own mind based on the fair and balanced facts offered and their grounding.
The Free Press story is still a good juicy story that you should really dig your teeth into and you could come away with a really great article. You have to cover it in the honest and true form that it presents itself in, but it’s a great story line. Hope the next piece is much better than the opening one. I'm going down on Saturday myself so if you have an interest I'd be happy to met you there and expand on my comments above. You can reach me on my cell at 314-XXX-XXXX. Good writing to you, in the future.

PS: I included Sylvester, Bill and Eric the Mink on my email because I think that they too should cover this story. It’s in our back yard and it deservers several articles in my opinion, as humble as my opinion is.

Steve Priest
314-XXX-XXXX Phone

Newsweeks Story Not Checking Out

The Newsweek story that has sparked protests around the world by Muslims appears to have no basis. The magazine quoted an anonymous source in their story stating that military interrogators at Guantanamo Bay tore up a Quran and flushed it down the toilet in an attempt to intimidate prisoners.

Newsweeks Weak Story?

General Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said that no evidence has been found. "They have looked through the logs, the interrogation logs, and they cannot confirm yet that there was ever the case of the toilet incident," the General said. "He did note a log entry, which they still have to confirm, where a detainee was reported by a guard to be ripping pages out of a Quran and putting them in a toilet to stop it up as a protest. But not where the US did it."

One has to wonder if MSM journalists really understand the affect that a story like this can have and the unwarranted damage it can do. If this is some reporter pushing a biased view via quoting a ghost source, this will in fact be a crime in my mind.

Free Press Convention St. Louis - Agenda

A pretty extreme list of topics for the Free Press convention being held here in St. Louis this weekend. Take a peek at the topics here:


The content is hard core left of center activism, based in the delusional contention that the MSM is right of center with its coverage and agenda. The moderator list is anything but “moderate” with a virtual Who’s Who of the ultra left media on hand ( Al Franken, Bill Moyers, Phil Donahue, etc.).

The film offering is as delusional as the speaker topics with the anti Fox film “Outfoxed” the anti war file “Weapons of Mass Deception”, and “Highjacking Catastrophe” which is based on the theory that the “radical fringe of the Republican Party used 9/11 to promote pre-existing agenda”.

There will be lots of kool aid consumed in St. Louis this weekend and a bunch of Moonbats flying around…………………

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Tomlinson Tells Why PBS Is A Drift

Below I blogged the tape delayed O'Reilly show on Fox with Mr. Tomlinson of PBS who wants to bring "balance" of all things to PBS ( very rewarding stuff )

Tomlinson on PBS state: PBS must appeal to all viewers and be balanced. It's the viewers money and must represent all of them. (it's in the charter and a requirement by the way)

Tomlinson: Moyers is a left bias media person and politically bias ( yes he is and he is also a fruit cake )

Tomlinson: Pat Mitchell told me that Moyer was balanced, and then she resigned and left ( wonder why after a lie like that )

Tomlinson: The Buster the Rabbit Gay show is a good example of why PBS donations are in the shitter

Tomlinson: Why the attacks via the MSM ( socialist media ), Tomlinson says he pushes for balance, fair and balanced and perhaps that is why ( you bet it is )

O'Reilly: The LA Times calls you a hack and a Bush agent, what say you sir?

Tomlinson: I have no Bush ties and its just about fair coverage and balance..

O'Reilly: St. Pete Times (most liberal per O'Reilly), says collusion with Bus

Tomlinson: its about getting the agenda fair and balanced and increasing donations because it represents everyone.

Tomlinson: New conservative shows coming, none

Tomlinson: PBS better get "politically real" if they want to be viable..................................

Well said sir, see my early post (below) when STL PBS called me a couple weeks ago and I'd say Mr. Tomlinson has it exactly right

No Money For You - Tax Money Next

Bolton Goes To Floor For Vote

John Bolton has been sent to the US Senate for a vote on his appointment to the post of Ambassador to the United Nations

Bolton Goes For Vote

The Senate panel was deadlocked at 9-9 and no official vote was taken after Ohio Republican George Voinovich, refused to vote to support Bolton for the last needed vote to send the nominee to the floor with a recommendation to approve. Voinovich then let Bolton have it, ""I have come to the determination that the United States can do better than John Bolton". He said Bolton was a bully and that "this is not the behavior of a true leader or the face of the United States to the world community." Well he is right in a way, if you want to fit in at the UN then you do have to like to steal, lie and obstruct.

I don't know anything about Voinovich but sounds to me that he is a little weak in the knees. What we need more than ever right now is someone who will go into the den of thieves that is the UN and hold a hard line. The UN does not need diplomacy right now, what it needs is a sheriff and that is what I think we will get with Bolton.

Another strange deal on this was other Republican held out on the vote to leave it 9 to 9. Sens. Lincoln Chafee, R-R.I., Lisa Murkowski , R-Ala., and Chuck Hagel, R-Neb. — were less forceful in their criticisms, but joined Voinovich in withholding recommendation. I can see Chafee and Hagel, they are like McCain left of center Republicans but I don't get Murkowski and Voinovich. I'm sure we will learn more in the coming days. I'm sure the good folks of Alabama and Ohio are asking George and Lisa the same questions.

Regardless I like the Bolton nomination. We need someone to go over to that house of thieves and stand tall and not give them an inch. Time will tell.

Socialist Media Coming To STL

The grandfather of all liberally bias journalists is coming to town. Fox reports that Bill Moyers of PBS is coming to St. Louis this weekend to speak at the left wing Free Press conference.

Free Press Conf

Free Press is the organization supported by fanatical organizations like Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) and the Nation. Take a look at these nut jobs web site

Nutty FAIR

Red Nation

Lets just say these people suffer from many issues but paranoia and delusional thought seem to be the leading ailments they suffer from. I think I will show up this weekend and see what they all have to say. Stay tune for my report on what I see and hear.