Tuesday, May 31, 2005

WaPo Woodward & Bernstein Confirm Felt Is Deep Throat

The Washington Post as well as Woodward & Bernstein have confirmed that W. Frank Felt is in fact Deep Throat

Felt Confirmed

So its official...................

An interesting thing from Woodward & Bernstein however in their statement:

"W. Mark Felt was 'Deep Throat' and helped us immeasurably in our Watergate coverage. However, as the record shows, many other sources and officials assisted us and other reporters for the hundreds of stories that were written in The Washington Post about Watergate".

So is Woodward just trying to hold onto some of the mystery and mystic of the Watergate source question, or do big fish still exist out there? Felt I think will be a let down for many who had hoped that it would be a big political name from the Nixon inner circle. Felt is not the sensational name that many had probably hoped for.

Deep Throat was "the" source and even if other minor sources existed, the big fish is known now and he really is not the big fish that many had hoped for.