Sunday, May 22, 2005

Inaccurate but Accurate Media Mindset

On the Sunday morning shows, the liberal media is indignant over being held accountable for accurate reporting. The gnashing of the teeth is loud and painful and their scream is "how dare you question our right to write what we think needs to be reported"

newsweak (sic) is of course the fuel that has flamed this fire. The subscribers of news say the story was wrong and question how such a story could be published unless it was driven by an agenda. The liberal press are promoting the "inaccurate but accurate" philosophy used by Dan Rather and CBS on Rathergate. The rational being the story is wrong but they believe that the basis of the story is in fact correct. In essence, we can make up the news as we see fit including details and evidence because we know that is what is happening and true.

A scary mindset indeed from an institution that is suppose to report "news" and "facts" first and foremost. Unfortunately just like so many judges in America, the MSM have an activist agenda and don't let little things like accuracy and facts get in the way of that agenda.