Saturday, May 28, 2005

Oliver Stone Would Have Made A Status Quo Journalist

I think that Oliver Stone would have been a journalist if he had not become a movie director. Why? Well he is a child of the sixties who bought into that whole counter culture program and exposes American for all it's faults per Stone and his fellow counter culture stoners. Here is what Stone is up to today:

Stoner Stone Busted

Problem is that there are only so many movie director positions, and a robust percentage of the sixties counter culture would be movie directors migrated over to the MSM. And that takes us to where we are today. If they could not make movies to promote the counter culture then they would write their version of the facts dam the facts and realities. The "cause" of the counter culture................

Oliver Stone was rewarded by his stoned fellow counter culture club with Academy Awards for "Born on the Fourth of July" and "Platoon" which won the Oscar for best picture. See the link? Yes it's Vietnam and the ghost that haunts the soul, heart and mind of the counter culture MSM. They can not clearly see the future because they are anchored to the past from the "Ghost" of Vietnam.

Newsflash to the MSM counter culture types, Vietnam ended twenty plus years ago. Move on, get a grip and become healthy in mind and soul. It's over and does not define me or 80% of Americans. It does however define 80% of the 20% that make up the MSM.