Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hire Right of Center Media Members

A great article from Andrew Klavan of the LA Times, that points out that if the MSM hired conservative and moderately conservatives to write and edit, they could become legitimate again.

Save Yourself MSM

What a novel thought and the exact formula for revising and saving the MSM. Of course the MSM thinks they have right of center staff, but what they have are a few moderate liberals and nearly no even slightly right of center members.

If the MSM gained the credibility of being truly balanced politically, then it would be possible to engage right of center people on topics like the risk from consolidated corporate ownership of the media. The centralized ownership issue that Moyers and his gang raise I think is a concern (the only one - I still think it should remain private). However, a deconsolidated local media that remained dominated by extreme liberals would be even worse and their coverage more biased and extreme than it currently is. Not a chance of gaining my support or engagement on that program without true political balance in the media.

If there was balance in the media then it would be easy I'd say to get support for ideas like decentralization on media ownership. It won't happen because liberals don't want balance in their media. If they did seek balance in their media and balanced the staff with conservatives and moderate conservatives, then it would bring back a shot at legitimacy and the their media might become America's media.