Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Post Defends Unfairly Filibustered Judges - Really?

It's not often that I point out a good point made by the Post Editorials but this one had an interesting point

This Is The Post?

It's pretty rare to hear the Post say things like this: "As for future appeals court nominees, including U.S. Supreme Court nominees, Democrats agreed to filibuster only "under extraordinary circumstances." That's fair. The filibuster should be a last resort in the extraordinary case, not wielded as frequently as Democrats have to block Mr. Bush's appeals court nominees".

For the Post to say that, is very revealing. I wonder why the Post did not write editorials like this over the past four years? Same judges that were not acceptable for years are now acceptable and the Post is just discussing this now that the Fili-Bomb has been uncocked for the time being? Go figure.................