Monday, May 16, 2005

Better Coverage of NCMR

Well in today’s edition of the Post, Michael Sorkin does a much better job of describing the agenda at the NCMR. He does so by reporting on Bill Moyers address at the conference

Better Coverage of NCMR

I particularly like the eagle with two wings analogy, and think it is actually correct but in a different way than how Moyers framed it. I see the MSM as the eagle and for way to long it has had two left wings and it is crashing because of that.

I think Michael Sorkin did a pretty good job in this article sharing the extreme agenda promoted at this conference and what I saw from my visit there on Saturday. I got on Michael for what I considered inadequate coverage of what was really going on at the conference but I think he provides the full flavor in today’s column.

I also find it ironic that a fire alarm went off during Moyers speech. From what I saw, heard and read, Moyers and the NCMR gang are without a doubt a very disturbing collection of media activists and they got my alarming going.