Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sylvester Brown Writes A Free Press Like Article

Sounds like Sylvester Brown Jr. of the Post may have went over to the NCMR conference this weekend, based on his column in today's edition and he must have drank a lot of kool aid while he was there

Kool Aid Induced Article

It's done from a sarcastic perspective and angle which pretty much says, yes private ownership of the media and certainly consolidated ownership leads to weak and watered down news. Gone are the days of Murrow, Cronkite and Woodward going after stories regardless of the parent companies green light. Today's news Brown claims is regulated by consideration for other products the parent company sells, thus the sell out by today's media to corporate interests. Sounds exactly like the talk track I heard at the NCMR on Saturday. The funny thing is Sylvester does not mention the conference or attribute today's media sell out argument to Free Press or the other conspiracy theory folks who attended the conference. Therefore I don't know if he went or whether he simply shares their view on this matter without knowing their view.

He takes a shot at Fox of course, bloggers, and conservatives for "redefining news" and not for the better in his opinion. The heavy criticism is as always pointed directly at Bush in the latest Looney conspiracy story the ultra left has cooked up, that being Bush & Blair had planed the Iraq war prior to 911 and there was a "coordinated effort to fix intelligence" to justify the invasion. That's rich even for the ultra left, sounds like they might of played Fahrenheit 911 without listing it on the agenda. Conspiracy mentality is a real good description of the people I mingled with yesterday at the NCMR, so if Sylvester did go to the conference and his visit provided the basis of his story, that is a really easy fit to see. Perfectly understandable that a liberal journalist would walk away from the conference or reading about the views of the NCMR and create such an article.

The really scary thing regardless of whether the NCMR influenced Sylvester's piece or not, is that he wrote it and obviously believes it. That's a scary state of mind for someone who is suppose to have a rational base and a main stream grounding. Perhaps what it tells us is that most of the liberal journalist today do share the party line view of the NCMR. They think that they are balanced even though they are far to the left. With their inaccurate assessment of their objectivity and balance, they see a need to move further to the left and expose the conspiracy injustices that surround us and no one is reporting because private ownership makes the MSM too conservative. Oh the silence the horrible silence it is deafening!!!!

I know what your thinking, that belief and opinion is so insane and irrational based on the facts in front of us day in and day out, but if you drink enough kool aid like the folks at the NCMR, I bet you could talk yourself into believing any conspiracy story and then actually start writing and talking about it.