Monday, May 23, 2005

Dutch Deal - Filibuster Deal In Senate

The just reported filibuster deal per Fox

fili deal

Short term its a winner for the Dems. Had the fili been removed then of course they would have no influence on judicial nominees. The deal leaves the option of fili open for the Dems on nominees for the appeals court and Supreme court "only under the extraordinary circumstances". If the Dems fili a nominee that such action in the minds of the Republicans is not "extraordinary circumstances" then the fili-buster option is back in play and the Republicans can take the fili out of the rules catalog.

So I say its way to early to tell the end of this chapter. What we do know is 3 of 5 Bush nominees are going through. If the Dems fili a nominee that the Republicans feel did not deserve it then back comes the fili-buster. The option is intact and 3 of 5 are being confirmed.

If the Dems are for real that they will no longer follow the extreme left and fili candidates like the 3 they have agreed to in this round and that is how they plan to address future candidates then I say this is a big win for the Republicans. If they have risen above the fili terrorism that the DNC started using and broke with a 200 plus year tradition on judicial candidates, then I say that is a really good sign. The extreme division promoted by the DNC leadership maybe in the process of being peeled away. Lets hope the moderate Dems have broken from the fili happy Reid leadership and are willing to be rational. One has to wonder if that is the case since they are now voting for 3 judges that they had in the past put the fili on.

If not, then the Republicans still have the fili - buster sitting in wait.