Friday, May 13, 2005

Free Press Convention St. Louis - Agenda

A pretty extreme list of topics for the Free Press convention being held here in St. Louis this weekend. Take a peek at the topics here:


The content is hard core left of center activism, based in the delusional contention that the MSM is right of center with its coverage and agenda. The moderator list is anything but “moderate” with a virtual Who’s Who of the ultra left media on hand ( Al Franken, Bill Moyers, Phil Donahue, etc.).

The film offering is as delusional as the speaker topics with the anti Fox film “Outfoxed” the anti war file “Weapons of Mass Deception”, and “Highjacking Catastrophe” which is based on the theory that the “radical fringe of the Republican Party used 9/11 to promote pre-existing agenda”.

There will be lots of kool aid consumed in St. Louis this weekend and a bunch of Moonbats flying around…………………