Sunday, May 15, 2005

Newsweek Apologizes For Killing People

Well sorry just does not work here folks, it's way past saying your sorry


It's great that Newsweek has apologized for a false agenda driven story that resulted in at least 15 deaths, but an apology does not erase the deaths that you personally caused. Newsweek editor Mark Whitaker and writers Michael Isikoff and John Barry are personally responsible and accountable for the deaths that resulted from of their story and the untold number hurt and injured. In addition how much do you think this irresponsible and agenda driven journalism has effected our heroes in Afghanistan and Iraq?

If it is too much to ask the ultra liberal MSM to help protection the liberty loving people of the world, is it reasonable to insist that they don't promote a paranoid socialist agenda that kills innocent people?

I think that the Pravda Post Boys (PPB) will let this one go silently into the night also..........................