Thursday, May 26, 2005

UN Is Really Very Irrelevant

Another thought on Bolton and the filibuster against him today in the Senate. Who cares really about the UN? I don't care if you send a monkey or a fool to the UN. Not that Bolton is, I think he is the tough medicine that we should give the UN right now while they rob, steal, rape and kill around the world. That said, if we did send a real monkey to the UN it would fit in perfectly.

What matters to me are 1) Iraq and the war on terror 2) Judges 3) tax reform 4) sound economical development and 5) reforming and improving public education. The UN nominee really does not enter my radar compared to what is important.

Never the less, the Dems have issued a fili on Bolton. Its wrong and it breaks the weak deal that McCain constructed. It will be interesting to see what Johnny has to say and what he does over the next several days.