Thursday, May 12, 2005

Tomlinson Tells Why PBS Is A Drift

Below I blogged the tape delayed O'Reilly show on Fox with Mr. Tomlinson of PBS who wants to bring "balance" of all things to PBS ( very rewarding stuff )

Tomlinson on PBS state: PBS must appeal to all viewers and be balanced. It's the viewers money and must represent all of them. (it's in the charter and a requirement by the way)

Tomlinson: Moyers is a left bias media person and politically bias ( yes he is and he is also a fruit cake )

Tomlinson: Pat Mitchell told me that Moyer was balanced, and then she resigned and left ( wonder why after a lie like that )

Tomlinson: The Buster the Rabbit Gay show is a good example of why PBS donations are in the shitter

Tomlinson: Why the attacks via the MSM ( socialist media ), Tomlinson says he pushes for balance, fair and balanced and perhaps that is why ( you bet it is )

O'Reilly: The LA Times calls you a hack and a Bush agent, what say you sir?

Tomlinson: I have no Bush ties and its just about fair coverage and balance..

O'Reilly: St. Pete Times (most liberal per O'Reilly), says collusion with Bus

Tomlinson: its about getting the agenda fair and balanced and increasing donations because it represents everyone.

Tomlinson: New conservative shows coming, none

Tomlinson: PBS better get "politically real" if they want to be viable..................................

Well said sir, see my early post (below) when STL PBS called me a couple weeks ago and I'd say Mr. Tomlinson has it exactly right

No Money For You - Tax Money Next