Thursday, May 26, 2005

Democrats Filibuster Bolton

If it looks like, acts like, and smells like a Dutch pirate, then it probably is a fili

Dutch Pirates Obstruct

Sounds like we went about two days until the fili - deal broke down. The Dems have filibustered the Bolton nominee and in about thirty days we should see the fili - bomb come back out of its case. Talk about a short lived deal, even in Washington time.

Look for the President to set the tone over the next thirty days and setting the table for when the good old gangs of Senators reconvene. The biparticanship is over, nice couple days in dreamland right? I think there will be some real blood on the sword on this one over the next few weeks. Who's? Don't know but if you thought last week was nasty, this will make that look pale.

Dutch pirates are flying the fili flag.....................