Saturday, May 28, 2005

Tennessee Senator John Ford Has A Bad Public Service History

More on the Ford scandal via timesunion

Ford Pinto

Ford sound like the most corrupt of corrupt legislators:

Prosecutors played a videotape Friday of Ford watching an undercover agent count out $10,000 and an audiotape of him allegedly threatening a potential witness. His lawyer suggested the purported threat was meant as a joke.

I wonder it the drool from his mouth while counting the cash was also a joke? I get the visual of Tony Montana in the money room on Scareface.

Some additional character info on Ford here:

During his tenure in the state Senate, John Ford has lost paternity lawsuits, given a political job to a girlfriend, used campaign money for his daughter's wedding and been successfully sued for sexual harassment.

Sounds like an upstanding State Senator, huh? I'll raise the bet to $50 to any takers on whether the Pravda Post will put this story in the paper. I bet if it was a Republican State Senator in our neighboring state of Tennessee that it would make the cut..........................