Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bill Moyers Speech On Media Reform

Here is the Moyers speech from the NCMR conference this past Sunday in St. Louis


In summary it states that the press can not be part of private organizations, rather it must be a public vehicle, and that the current public media is too conservative and controlled by government and business "interests". As incredible as it sounds, per Moyers public media is conservative.

The second part of his speech is a call to arms against Kenneth Tomlinson and Tomlinson’s objective to make PBS objective. Well if you think PBS is already conservative then I can see how that misguided perspective could cause you to issue a call to arms.

The paranoid mentality that drives people like this is what they call one of their greatest strength and inspiration. What is very illogical to me is very logical to them. Maybe some people who get lost in the Vietnam War, the sixties and seventies and a Watergate era mentality never crawl out of that hole of cynicism and can’t ever see the world again without those glasses. Don’t know for sure, but these cats trust no one, zero, nobody………