Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dutch Pirates Try To Steal Your Vote

Filibuster from the Dutch word meaning "pirate"..........................

Senate Website

The Senate website gives the tactic a very unflattering view I'd say on their own website. It is clearly a delay tactic by a minority, to not allow the majority ( the people that the majority of Americans elected ) from working on and deciding legislative matters. That's a very bad thing for anyone of average or above intelligence. Any "tool" who's purpose is to delay something as needed and wanted as the Civil Rights Act, is clearly a "tool" of obstructionists who are out of touch with America and what the American people want acted on and "voted" on.

It's only been around since the 1850's do its almost 75 years away from the constitutional base that the ultra-liberals have tried to bestow on it. Listen to the socialists as the Fili is removed and how they try to tie it to the constitution. Sorry, no sell and it is a good change.