Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Early Seventies Sucked Bad All Around

Man, the early seventies was just a dirty ugly time in our history. There was not much good going on then. A President who covered up, a snitch who was even dirtier than the President, American socialist terrorist groups forming and bombing civilians, Vietnam, and a left wing counter culture movement taking the country straight down the drain.

In researching Deep Throat the ugly times of the early seventies came crashing forward. No one gets off the hook either Republican or Democrat's for that period of time. It I would say was the worst of times in many ways and both the left and right are equally responsible for the dismal place we found ourselves in. It could have destroyed our country in a real way.

The good thing about America and Americans, is we pick ourselves up and move on. I have posted on that often. If you want to live in the sixties or seventies then go ahead, you deserve that misery if you choose it. Let go of the ghosts of Nixon, Vietnam, the militant socialist movement and move forward or you are destine to be a Nixon, Felt, Fonda, Black Panther, or Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)member the rest of your life........................

I think it's a good time to reflect on how bad things were back in the early 70's. I think that lesson is the best lesson since the Civil War for Americans regardless of political stripe to understand the big picture and what we have at stake. We are Americans regardless of political leanings and how much we disagree. In the end protecting our ability to have different political thoughts and groundings is what it's all about. It's truly what makes us America.

Protecting the ability to have different opinions and convictions but able to form a general consensus within the constitution and laws of the land are what preserve those sacred rights.