Sunday, May 15, 2005

Newsweek's Criminal Story

A good piece from Powerline on the Newsweek false and criminal (I say) story by utlra-liberal Michael Isikoff. His agenda driven story is a perfect example of chasing the windmills by today's MSM to expose the outrageously uncovered issues that they believe the MSM does not cover because of a privately owned press. Powerline's "Newsweeks Nightmares"

Newsweek's Journalistic Crimes

Again I say that if Isikoff put this story forth without a viable source (anonymous source = nonviable source) and a clear understanding whether it happened or not, he is personally responsible for the deaths that have occurred over the past several days from the hate he fanned and caused. This is a very serious issue, and one that I think clearly show why anonymous sources should never be viewed as reliable and why any editor who allows them is not credible. If someone is not willing to put their name on a story, then my rule is that it is not a story.

I posted on this story this past Friday


The Pravda Post has nothing on this story because I guess they are off chasing windmills.......................