Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bill McClellan's Richard Byrd Article

Bill McClellan's article in the Pravda Post is a good one as it often is. He writes about Rep. Richard Byrd (R. Kirkwood), and his efforts to get financial compensation for people falsely convicted and who do time on that false conviction prior to passing away this week


The article reads well, has lots of interesting facts and a very easy style. That's what makes Bill's articles a good read. The interesting thing is that Bill gives a lot of positive feedback about what Byrd has done especially on the compensation for falsely convicted citizens and calls him a good guy. Then in what has to be a pre-publishing checklist from Editor Ellen Soeteber, Bill tosses a couple shots at the Republicans in Jeff-City. Well of course, the Pravda Post rule books must say that if you praise a Republican, you have to at least send a shot at them, but preferably two or more.

Bill's article would have been a much better piece if he would have just left it as a positive recount of what Richard Byrd did as a human being and representative and why he appreciated him. Putting in the Ellen Soeteber rule, cheapens it and made it much less of what it could have been. Well that's the Pravda Post way you know, put the political borders up in every story. If you have not read about the published story validating the Post's liberal agenda in their purchase contract with Lee, take a look at it here

Liberal Condition of Post Sale

Back to the essence of Bill's story, anyone who is not in agreement that a person convicted of a crime and who served time for that does not deserve some form of compensation, is well a bit off the logical map. Time taken away for something you did not do, should result in compensation and a foot up in getting back into the world. If it was minimum wage then it would be $10,712 per year. I'd say start there and go up if the person was earning more in a current job when they were convicted. Sounds fair to me. How about you?