Monday, May 23, 2005

German Election – No To Schroeder & Socialist Democrats

Well how about those election results in Germany over the weekend? A big and loud vote against German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and his SPD (Socialist Democrats).


The economy is in the toilet because of socialist reform programs and now has resulted in a 12% unemployment rate. By contrast the US unemployment rate of 5.2% is a rock solid number. Germany has an unemployment rate 100% + what the US rate is.

Socialist models don’t work, even when propped up with a smidge of democracy. All of the European socialist countries are heading for an eye popping bad ride with a failing socialist economic model and a retiree to worker ratio that makes America ratio look golden. Heavy socialist weighted retirement programs will drive these countries economies even deeper in the ground. And the liberal arm of the DNC wants to follow this same model?

Look for reform and the trimming of programs in the next few years. It should be an absolute war over there but it is necessary to right the ship and keep it from collapsing. Germany, France, and all of European models based in socialism are in deep trouble and it should be wild to watch how they come to grips with this issue.

Bet the thumbs down vote by the German people of the liberal socialist government gets little if any time in the MSM. It does not support their model and they will simply ignore the story that would cause their model bad reviews.