Friday, May 27, 2005

USA Today Promotes Hillary

USA Today threw together an terrible piece of journalism today that promotes the idea that America is embracing Hillary's new move to the middle. Susan Page wrote the article so that tells one a great deal

Hillary's MSM Stats

The only important info is the last sentence of the article: Among those surveyed, 54% called Clinton a liberal, 30% a moderate and 9% a conservative. That from a USA-Gallop survey pool. To get it about accurate and reflective of the true American voter I'd say raise the liberal category by 10% and lower the moderate rating by 10%. To justify my rational simply look at the 9% conservative rating.

A country that just re-elected a conservative President during a time of war and a down turn in the economy, will not support a person identified as liberal. Way to early to even be talking about this in my mind but this one I could not pass on.