Monday, May 30, 2005

Post Dispatch Dishonors Memorial Day

I'm not surprised by the Post Dispatch's selection today as their Memorial Day editorial. We have heard the same theme from the Pravda Post for the past two years, so it is in a way expected. Here is the Post's offering on this day of remembering the men and woman who serve to keep us free and safe:

Pravda's Irrational Rant

First observation is that it is obviously a political protest piece directed at the Iraq war. I think it's obviously fine for the Post to make their protest of the war known in their pages, this is America, but I do think that today is a tasteless and inappropriate time.

The Post did not honor the men and woman who have served in our many different wars ( they do mention the total number who have died since 1775 ), but their is no focus or appreciation for all who served in at all times to keep us free.

Instead the Post uses today's article to push an agenda that the war in Iraq is wrong and that today's soldiers are people who do not live in Ladue or Gross Point Michigan. Again if that is an argument or point they want to pursue then I say great. I do however thing that today is not the day to explore that point.

Today was the day to thank those who have served and especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Today was a day for no politics or agenda, rather pure and straight forward appreciation for the act of serving our country. Plain and simple that was what today was about. We read the Post's objection and protest to the Iraq war every day, so would it not have been appropriate to limit that agenda to 364 days and appropriately make today a day to honor our Veterans?

Instead the Pravda Post cheapens and disrespect the dedicated day for all who have served with their political ranting. One would hope for more, but understanding that we are talking about the Post Dispatch, it is unfortunately not a surprise.