Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Krugman Lies To You If You Read The NYT

Well when the Public Editor on the inside of the NYT says this, there is very little doubt that Prof. Krugman is in fact crazy

Krugman's False Facts

I've posted several times on Krugmans liberties on fact and statistics in his articles. This a Very Damaging statement on Krugmans credibility. He needs to report with true facts, that is what his readers pay for. They are not getting it currently. Leave the agenda behind and report with facts and true statistical proof Professor........................

In the spirit of my previous post, the crazy Professor is well within his bounds to have a left view of the world, however, when he states and uses false data to make his point, that's beyond the separate opinion view. Lies and misrepresentations or just that, its not journalism. Sorry professor.