Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Newsweek A No Show In Post

Biggest news story of the year and guess who does not cover it?

It got coverage here when it simply looked bad for the administration

bad times

It even got coverage here when it was an apology story

we are sorry times

Absent from today’s edition is any coverage let alone and in-depth coverage explaining how it occurred and resulted in a retraction. This is huge news, why is it absent? Why, my guess is because it is a case of an agenda driven liberal MSM that rushed to cover bad news for the administration and the military, and they did not ensure that it was correct. Well it wasn’t correct and now it’s the Newsweek story that killed people.

Far be it from the Post to shed any light on that story. More important things to cover like the elite recreational facilities in West County vs. the substandard facilities in metro St. Louis. Pathetic………………