Monday, May 23, 2005

New Social Security Deal Part of Filibuster Deal?

Lindsey Graham (R) Senator South Carolina, said on Hardball a few moments ago that the moderate group who put the fili - comp deal together, says the group has a Social Security reform deal in the makings. To quote Chris Mathews' response, "REALLY"!

Sounds like this might have legs. The legs could be a really good thing if it produces a group of moderate Senators who insist that business go to the floor for more than a fili and actual voting and construction of law. This could be a very good and interesting dynamic to watch. Being a moderate conservative I think that absolute party line politics are not effective, and the party line no, no, NO, that has come out of Harry Reid and the DNC leadership might have just been broken this PM. Until tonight the DNC has said no on everything Bush since November 2004, and tonight we have 3 of 5 judges getting a yes and the rumor of a Social Security reform deal in the works. Light years from yesterday.

If Graham is correct and a Social Security offer is in the works, then that is exactly what has happened. This could be huge, and very positive for moving America forward.