Thursday, March 31, 2005

Build A Culture of Life

Today the President said "we need to build a culture of life". I agree with that completely. We should ensure that people who are sick and dieing have the avenue of protection from having a tube that feeds them pulled and kills them. Any rational person would agree with the President and support that opinion.

Regardless of your political leanings you have to agree with the wise and correct views of our President, we must protect people who can not protect themselves. If there are questions or doubt then we have to make sure, before we do something as severe and defining as killing a person. We should always error on the side of life when the decision is to kill a sick person.

Life is the complete glue that holds us together and counts. It is the vehicle that we navigate this world through and brings us in contact with each other. Without it all other things just don't matter and would not be experienced. Without life we don't exist and don't experience anything.

I think that what President Bush is telling us is that we need to establish a law or panel that will review cases like the Schiavo situation and be prepared to provide oversight and fair resolution. That is very wise and important. We should have a law and a review process that protects people from being killed. Then if we have met all requirements and the right thing is to let them die per what they want, then let the family do so in private. President Bush is very wise on this point and I understand why I trust him and voted for him.

People on death row who have killed other in a very violent manner and were sentenced to death live about 20 years on average before they are put to death or die a nature death. Why because we allow them appeal after appeal before being put to death. I'm not saying that is wrong but what I am saying is that we should also give people like Schiavo the same due process. In the end, it has to be the law of the land and everything else conforms around the law.

Bottom line, we need a good sound law on this matter and then everyone else get out of the way and let the family deal with it and make the hard decisions. My last Shiavo post, I think unless new and compelling info is presented.

A Culture of Life Is Correct

Today the President said "we need to build a culture of life". I agree with that completely. We should ensure that people who are sick and dieing have the avenue of protection from having a tube that feeds them pulled and kills them. Any rational person would agree with the President and support that opinion.

Regardless of your political leanings you have to agree with the wise and correct views of our President, we must protect people who can not protect themselves. If there are questions or doubt then we have to make sure, before we do something as severe and defining as killing a person. We should always error on the side of life when the decision is to kill a sick person.

Life is the complete glue that holds us together and counts. It is the vehicle that we navigate this world through and brings us in contact with each other. Without it all other things just don't matter and would not be experienced. Without life we don't exist and don't experience anything.

I think that what President Bush is telling us is that we need to establish a law or panel that will review cases like the Schiavo situation and be prepared to provide oversight and fair resolution. That is very wise and important. We should have a law and a review process that protects people from being killed. Then if we have met all requirements and the right thing is to let them die per what they want, then let the family do so in private without people or government who do not even know them interfearing.

People on death row who have killed other in a very violent manner and were sentenced to death live about 20 years on average before they are put to death or die a nature death. Why because we allow them appeal after appeal before being put to death. I'm not saying that is wrong but what I am saying is that we should also give people like Schiavo the same due process. In the end, it has to be the law of the land and everything else conforms around the law.

Bottom line, we need a good sound law on this matter and then everyone else get out of the way and let the family deal with it and make the hard decisions. They are hard decisions and no one wants you are me in that mix when the time comes.

Danforth Has Points To Consider

I thought that the John C. Danforth's article in the NYT was interesting, worthy of reading and considering. Danforth, who is an ordained Episcopal minister, puts forth the assertion that the RNC has become the arm of the "Conservative Christian" establishment. There is no doubt that the conservative Christian voters are mostly Republican and vote Republican. The question is do the conservative Christian's control the policy of the RNC?

I disagree but it is a matter to consider and decide in ones own mind. I respect Danforth as a decent person and experience political and well rounded human being, but he is wrong to say that the conservative Christian establishment runs the RNC. If they did then the federal government or state government would have taken her into custody. They did not, even though that is what the conservative Christian establishment wanted them to do. Danforth is a traditional Republican in terms of 1) Limited Government 2) Reasonable Taxation 3) Reasonable Regulation by Government 4) Encouraging the Private Sector Growth 5) Judges Should Interpret Law Not Legislate 6) Strong Military. He is in summary "Old School Republican". So am I and these are the core of my political base and my absolute foundation.

Although Danforth does not come right out and say it in the article, he does allude to the "reason" that I think he draws this conclusion. He states "I am and always have been pro-life. But the only explanation for legislators comparing cells in a petri dish to babies in the womb is the extension of religious doctrine into statutory law". He is not pro abortion but is saying that some Christian coalition members ( Pro Life Organizations ), cross his threshold with what they seek on the abortion matter. He thinks that the RNC has become "too" pro life on stem cell and the Terri Schiavo matter. I think where the line is at on too or not enough pro life is a very hard thing to define. It's a matter that is very personal and rightfully so I say.

I personally think that abortion is probably the most difficult political issue there is. Like Terri Schiavo I think abortion is a deeply personal matter and is not a "good" solution but one we face and must figure out . Regulation of abortion and right to die matters is such a complicated and divisive subject. Its not a cop out but I come down on the side of "personal choice" and "personal accountability" for the decision. I do not promote abortion, but in the end is it not the person who has to make this decision the one who has to carry it with them?

I do not agree that that conservative Christians have become a bad thing or liability for the RNC or that they dictate party platform. They have a seat at the table for sure and should. However people like me and Danforth also have a seat at the table and the RNC is so much more mainstream and moderate than the DNC that I really don't completely get his assertion. Perhaps he is slightly more moderate than me and slightly left of center on this issue while I'm slight right of center, but I think we are in the same neighborhood. You could do a lot worse than the conservative Christian establishment as your "liability". Give me that over Hollywood, Atheist Socialist, and the aging Counter Culture "anything goes" Gang. People with values, conviction for God and Family as a liability, ok I'll take all you have. But I understand the need to raise the questions he raised. Extremist policy defines the DNC. We have made huge gains being moderate Republicans with strong and real values. We should always be on guard that we do not shift to the same extremist positions like the DNC has. Read the article and think about what he is saying. The collective issues we care about are more important than pushing one extreme position regardless of what it is:

Danforth Article

Final observation, boy isn't Danforth's coherent and well presented perspective on this matter so much more effective and reasonable than those spewed by Moonbats little krugman and little erik the mink? Sound and rational is the Danforth approach, hate and extreme ranting is the socialist MSM approach. How extreme they are and how out of touch they have become. Go figure................

Rest In Peace Terri Schiavo

Well Terri Schiavo passed away at 9:05AM EST yesterday. I wish her peace and God's speed. I have not changed my basic views on this matter those being:

1) I don't think that the government should be involved in matters of this nature aside from setting a the law and then enforcing it.
2) It is a deeply personal matter that family should make and government does not play an active role in that.
3) This was not a family but a "family divided" and their inability to come together and compromise and find a solution that was the right thing to do is what caused this to become a circus.
4) I would not want to live in the state that Ms. Schiavo lived.
5) I'm glad I have a living will.
6) Not allowing all family to be present at the end is sick on the husband's part.
7) The fact that legal action is already on the way tell us that the husband and family have a hate for one another that this woman is not going to be allowed to even rest in peace after her death.
8) When you have "Law Enforcement" present at your death bed, someone is not doing what's right for you and what you would want, regardless of what those wishes and desires were.................................

Make law that is appropriate for people in vegetated states, if their will says to stop life support, their condition meets the clear medical definitions, then carry out their wishes. If they don't have a will, there is doubt what their wishes would be, then be a family come together and for your loved ones sake, do what that person would want.

Well Fink & Mink Ends In "K".............

Erik the Mink responded to my letter via email and said: "you spelled my name wrong".......

Well he is correct about that, I used "k" in the letter and his name in fact is spelled "Eric". On a spelling point, I stand corrected.

You know though I was looking at the "Eric the Mink" vs "Erik the Mink" offering, and I like the "k" ending much better.

Sorry Erik, I'm sticking with the "k", it flows much better with Mink...............

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Eric the Mink = little krugman and He Hates You Also

Erik the Mink of the Post Dispatch copies Krugmans article and shamefully so on the Schiavo case. Here is my article to the Post on his article:

Erik the Mink's Article

Erik Mink's article "Seek honest deliberation, not radicalism" in today's edition has some very serious journalist flaws that I'm sure you will want to review and consider.
Erik asserts that George W Bush and the Republican Party are extremist primarily because of actions he claims were taken in the Terri Schiavo case. His argument is that the Presidents brother and Governor of Florida Jeb Bush "ordered a team of armed law enforcement officers to snatch Terri Schavio". First of all Jeb Bush is the Governor of Florida, George W Bush is the President, you do understand that they are different people, correct? Do you also understand the concept of State Rights and State Governance? They are mutually exclusive people and governments, they are independent of one another. That is kind of important to understand if you are going to write about it.
I found one article in the St. Petersburg Times written by Philip Gailey on this subject. Here is what he wrote: "By the end of last week, after a string of legislative and legal defeats and after the White House and the Congress said there was nothing left for them to do, Jeb Bush refused to give up the fight. If he failed, his supporters reminded him, Terri Schiavo would die. Bush must have felt the pressure, for at one point last week he came close to provoking a constitutional crisis in Florida by suggesting that he was prepared to send in the state Department of Children and Families to take protective custody of Terri Schiavo in defiance of a court order. As part of this desperate stunt, he showed up at a news conference with a Florida neurologist active in Christian antiabortion groups to say Terri Schiavo's condition had been misdiagnosed, that she was not in a persistent vegetative state". No facts no content of validation, nothing but hear say and opinion that has not been repeated in the paper since Gailey's Op-Ed article.
I found nothing in the Tampa Tribune that supported Erik's assertion. The Herald had three pieces on March 27th claiming that Bush had officers in route to take Schiavo but not a peep since the Governor denied the claim and the Herald is now backing off the anonymous source story. Bush explained that there were officers in the area waiting word of the court ruling on whether she would be turned over to the states custody but when they ruled against the state, the officers returned. If it was true that Bush planned to "Snatch" Schiavo and was a real story you can bet that it would be the front page story every paper in Florida especially the Herald. It's not and that's because there is no factual support and the story has went away. A dead story that fit Erik’s liberal agenda, and he ran with it as if it was true and factual. That’s a sad and very low standard to allow in a legitimate paper.
So Erik takes a one day story that died in the source paper that wrote it because of lack of creditable and truth and spews it out in a liberal hate tirade to the St Louis Post Dispatch subscribers? This is worse than shabby and bad journalism, its activism journalism.
Even in the Op-Ed section there is a standard of accuracy that must be upheld. For the editor of the Op-Ed section there is even a higher standard to adhere to. Erik unfortunately does not measure up to those standards and there should be a retraction to this article.
The paying subscribers and paying advertisers of the Post Dispatch deserve honest and reasonable fact checks and sources for stories published in the paper. This article even being an Op-Ed piece, fails in all ways to meet that standard. It’s a political hack speaking his extremist views and propaganda. This is not journalism regardless of your political leanings, it’s a DNC advertisement in journalist clothing. No editor of any section of any paper should have a political bias like Erik has. The credibility of the paper is at stake as are subscriptions and advertising revenue.

By the way you could have simply published the Krugman article and you would have had almost the exact same content. Almost seems like a plagiarized piece I’d say. Erik at least write your own stuff.

Mink like Krugman is a socialist that wants to take your money, your rights and your liberties away and let a Federal Government decide on each. If you don't like the sound of that, you had better get active. Read your local paper if you think they don't exist in every corner of this Great Country..........................

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

40 Years Baby...

Well 40 years ago I came into this world in 1965. It's a great world and I love being part of it. It is a better place each year I have lived in it I think. The important things to me are God, my family, my friends, and my company. After that it gets kind of insignificant. Understand? If not then you probably will not like this blog..........

My focus is on my Family, my friends, my Job, and then the politics of America. My faith is my faith, it will not be promoted here ( I'm real good with it ). Get your own faith is you are searching. Its going to be a great next 40 years................I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!

Jessie Plays The Death Game

Why is Jessie in Florida with the Schiavo in Florida? Well its all political. Jessie's opening move is the moral ground, but he quickly turns to a socialist medical program. He does not give a dam about Schiavo and is using her to promote his socialist agenda.

Jess is trying to regain some "moral" and "value" ground for the DNC with this tour but it's not playing with me. Jess wants to strengthen the very weak "value" side of the DNC and they are funding and directing his "Tour". If you don't think it is a tour then you don't really understand the DNC desperate state...........

I would think you could do better that Jess on this point, Embezzlement Jess on values and morals? It is in fact bad on the DNC side..............

Will The Gloves Fit?

Jonnie Cochran has died today of a brain tumor. Rest in peace. Cochran became famous with his court theatrics, "If the gloves don't fit, you must acquit".

Cochran Passes

When O.J. dies I hope he brings the gloves with him and they both see if the gloves in fact fit without the theatrics of a disingenuous environment............My faith requires him to bring the gloves and do just that......

Kooky Kofi

The corrupt UN Secretary "in charge of embezzlement" Kofi Annan was asked if he would step down over the huge mounting evidence that he is corrupt and his administration is corrupt, what did he say? "Hell No I won't go"............................

Kofi Goes Kooky For Coco Puffs

Kofi went on to a delusional interpretation of the facts in a very convoluted way: "After so many distressing and untrue allegations have been made against me, this exoneration by the independent inquiry obviously comes as a great relief," he said.

Well Kofi what reported facts are you reading buddy? Put a blue helmet on this guy and send him to the "rape zone"

UN Rape

If he subscribes to that degree of denial and delusion he would qualify for the UN Blue Helmet "rapist brigade". If that does not work out then he could write for the NYT, STL Pravda Post or produce for CBS........................

It's time to put serious presure on the UN to reform or make them go away. Perhaps Paris?

Krugman Hates You & America

Anyone who has ever read a column written by Paul Krugman of the NYT knows that he is clearly insane and suffers from paranoia in the most severe degree. His article today proves that point completely. Rightwing Nut has a fitting critic of Nutty Paul's latest offering:

Nut Job Krugman

Krugman basically comes clean in this article and says: " if you are white, Christian and moderate or right of moderate then your evil, he hates you and he is going to do everything to expose you for your evilness". Krugman hates you and me, and you should take it personally, becaue he means it that way. He is an ultra socialist liberal that does not belong in any mainstream newspapers. He preaches hate from a very biased platform, the NYT. Krugman desires to have a European socialist democracy replace our current system in America. That is his agenda and that is what he is working for. He hates State Rights, God, Capitalism, Accountability, the Land of Opportunity and American Values. Mostly he hates people who live outside the small and insignificant little blue dot metropolitan areas of the Northeast and West Coast. He hates the Heartland and Mainstream American, the Military and people of Faith. Basically he hates American roots and our strength as a country. Why? Because he wants a socialist government to replace our current government. He continues to try and tear down our strengths as a country in his attempt to spread the agenda of socialist reform.

What would that look like? Well if you went to church or believed in God then you would be ridiculed and dismissed. A huge amount of your money would be taken from you in the form of taxes to be redistributed as the incredibly inefficient socialist government saw fit. There would be no accountability in the schools or society ( hey maybe we have already become a little socialist?). We would work things out "diplomatically" with Islamic terrorist like those who attacked us on 911 and not use our military power to hunt them down and kill them, while they planned their next murderous attacks ( see Bill Clinton 1st Twin Tower attack ). Krugman like so many other journalists are passive socialists and hope to destroy our ability to defend ourselves and use force when needed like after 911.

It's important that people like Krugman continue to be held accountable for their disinformation campaigns and that they are exposed as socialist with a socialist agenda. Better pay attention or you could wake up speaking french in good old STL tomorrow eating smelly cheese and in a crumbling economic situation......................................

Friday, March 25, 2005

Island Prison For Sexual Predators

I think that we should go back in time to the "island prison" concept on sexual predators. Lets find an island that is way out in the Pacific that has less than 10% escape potential, and put all these animals on the rock. Drop these animals off and let them live the rest of their lives with the same types of animals that they are. They can live in the world that they created and if they survive then ok, if not then OK.

A plane flies over and drops off basic food needs and they survive in "their" world accordingly. Putting these animals on a remote island guarantees that they will never hurt or kill another child again. Write your Rep or Senator and ask them to explore. I seriously think this is the best solution to the life live out of these animals.

A Family Fraud Deal @ The UN

More bad news for Kofi and his posy.

More Stealing

Liars, Theifs and Rapists, the "Blue Helmets" are not worthy of one cent of your tax money.....................

Bad Call

The ending of the game of Nova vs. UNC was the worst call in a long time. Not only was it not a walk, it should have been a basket and a foul and a one point game with the Nova player on the line to tie it with one shot.

That was a terrible call and its to bad that a bad ref changed the game that way. Man how do you call traveling when it was closer to a foul on UNC and a basket?

UN Blue Helmet Rapists

The latest UN scandal ( I have lost count there are so many ), is raking the final dirt over the UN grave. The Blue Helmets have been raping children in war ravaged in Congo for years. The organization that was suppose to protect and give safe harbor to the weak and exposed has been rapping the children of that country for years.

Blue Helmet Rapists

What did the UN Secretary General "in charge of fraud" Kofi Annan have to say, "The renewed confidence of member states in United Nations peacekeeping has led to a surge in demand, with the result that the United Nations now has more missions on the ground than ever before. The majority of these are in Africa, where — I regret to say — developed countries are increasingly reluctant to contribute troops. As a result, our capacity is overstretched."

What does that mean, well it means he is blaming us. We should be in Africa helping out with forces because the "blue helmets" are totally incompetent without American, British, or Australian troops in charge and involved. The banana republic "blue helmets" could not protect a NCAA bracket with Duke, OSU, Wake Forest, and UConn in the finals. The UN is a joke and does more damage than help these days.

Well we have a little matter going on to free the people of the Middle East right now, that the UN obstructed for years and their policies and criticism created most of the mess. It's going very well but it requires a lot of our resources right now. Forgive us if we don't have troops to help out the UN right now.

Kofi likes targets that he and his family can embezzle lots of money from and there is no opportunity for that in the poor African countries. So, Kofi wants nothing to do with it and does not pay the attention that he did to say Iraq where he, his son and his posy skimmed millions off the "oil for food program scandal". The UN is defined by Liars, Thief's, and Rapists. Why do we belong to this organization?

Update: Why isn't the NYT & STL Pravda Post not running picture after picture and story after story on the rape and torture of the children of the Congo who have been tortured by the UN Blue Helmets?

Red Jimmy's On the Election Commission

On the subject of giving convicted felons the right to vote, some disturbing new about the "worst" President of all times and his next socialist platform:

Jimmy Boy

If Carter had his way not only would convicted felons who had been released be able to vote, but also those still incarcerated. Why stop there let illegal aliens vote, foreign tourists, and socialist around the world via absentee ballots.

Also on the panel is Tom Daschle the recently disgraced and booted democratic Senate Minority leader. Carter and Daschle what a sorry ass pair that makes................................

Registered Sex Offender Killers

The body of Jetseta Marrie Gage seems to have been found in Iowa. She is a 10 year old mentally challenged girl that was abducted by a family acquaintance, Roger Bentley. Take a look at this killer via Fox:

Child Killer

Jessica Lunsford a couple weeks ago by the same type of animal, a "registered sex offender". People like the monsters that killed both of these children should be thrown in the general population of the jail that they are being held in. That would take care of the need to have a trial.

Check out your neighborhood to see if you have animals living near you at:

Sex Offender Registry

What's going on here? Why is there an explosion of sexual predators hurting and killing children? Well probably because they are out of jail after serving reduced sentences. These felons who do these things come out and not only sexually assault children again, but then kill them. Felon sexual predators should serve at least 25 years if convicted, manditory.

By the way, if the Democratic National Party (DNC) has their ways, animals like these convicted felons who attack and kill children will have the right to vote. Sick and sicker............................................

DNC Felon Vote

NCAA Tournament

I have went from Bracket Busted to completely done, I'm afraid..........The lose by OSU last night pretty much seals it. I had them winning it all. Oh well, time to just enjoy the games and craziness of March Madness.

Here is how I see it now: IL & Louisville then UNC and Kentucky; IL beats Louisville and UNC beats Kentucky. IL then beats UNC for the championship.

We have the Final Four this year in STL and it's going to be great..........................................

If I'm right then we would have fans from 1 hour away (IL) from eight hours away (Louisville) from eight to twelve hours away (Kentucky) and crazy UNC fans who will have no problem jumping on a plan and flying in. STL will explode with visitors from very close schools for the best sporting event there is and it should be a blast.

Revolution In Iran

Looks like something might be brewing in Iran. Lets hope so

Democracy In Iran?

The best way to end the Nuke Issue in Iran, is a democratic revolution.........

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Military Heroes

My Brother In-Law is about to enter the Air Force "Officer Program". Big Stuff and a Great Accomplishment! We was in Gulf Region when we started the liberation, was part of that! I'm really proud of him and value his service to our great country. Thanks Bus, I appreciate you and what you and your peers are doing for me and all of us!

Our men and woman of service are the only hero's that really matter these days or qualify as hero's. They give each of us the freedom to be who we are and do what we do. We should all understand that, "we can do all these great things that we enjoy because of the men and woman of the armed forces".

I do appreciate it in the way it should be appreciated. Thank You

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

BYE little barry

Barry Bonds' body is breaking down now that the roids are not feeding the structure. No roids and now the body is getting old and breaking down. He is fourty years old and without the cheat drug it makes him fourty.

Bonds is saying now he may be done and won't come back. If you don't have the juice to make you the fake hero then I can see why you would make that decison. Bonds should retire like little mac and fade away and the the true heros of the game, Arron - Ruth - Marris will come back to their rightful place that they deserve. True heros in my mind.

Hank Arron is the home run champ ( I love hammering Hank), Ruth is second, Marris is the single season home run record holder in my mind and many others. MLB, you have about 30 days to get this right or you will be the next hockey................................ICED if you don't get it right.

Correction: Minnesota Own's Al Franken

Correction on the nationality of Al "the fool" Franken. He is not Canadian, rather Minnesotian. My mother is from Minnesota and I spent many of summers there on the lake ( great times) so I can say what I'm about to say. Canada - Minnesota, what's the difference?

It has been a very liberal state but is turing red. That is a good thing but it is the state of Humphrey and Modale, so lets be serious here it is a "very" liberal state historically. Maybe they are getting their act together and moving to the right. We shall see and they are like me a moderate people I think. Able to move from square to square depending on the facts.

Anyway, I posted wrong info on Red Al Franken and said he was Canadian. That was incorrect and I wanted to correct the record. He was born in Minnesota.........................Bet he likes the sounds of the "Loons". ( its a bird sort of duck like that has an sad call that is very looney )

Terri Shiavo

Well the only thing anyone is talking about is the Terri Shiavo story. It is a terrible story as I have posted before. Its a no win no matter what situation. I have a slightly revised position on this story since I first posted.

I do not think that the local, state or federal government needs to be involved in matters of this nature. As I posted earlier I said the law should be made and then government gets out of the way and allows people in this terrible situation to make the horrible decisions that have to be made.

As I have gained more information on this case, I think that the ability to decide for sure what Terri Shiavo's wishes are is in some doubt. That does not mean that I think the government should move in and put the tube back in. However, I think that if there is doubt in what her wishes would be, there is no living will, and her parents are willing to take on the responsibility to care for her then that is what should happen.

Why would a husband not say ok and give the inlaws custodial authority here and let them care for the woman? He could say that is not what you want from my perspective, but you are her parents and if that is what you want then ok. He could walk away saying I did what I think she would have wanted, but defaulted to you "her parents" who say that is not what she wanted.

Again the government should not have to be involved in this conversation if rational people got together and worked out the best and most logical solution. I think there is a whole lot more to this story based in the relationship and motives between the husband and the parents and we will learn about that in the coming days. I think there is a whole lot more to learn on that point.

The other new revelation for me is that this woman needs a tube to feed her but is not on a respirator or "true" life support. If you feed her by a tube like thousands of babies and adults in our hospitals today, she stays alive. I was under the impression that she was on life support not simply a tube to feed her. I think that changes this issue for me quite a bit. It makes it much more questionable to remove the tube I think.

I personally would not want to remain here on earth if I were in the state that Terri is and would not want the government to come in and say I had to stay alive in that state. I would not have to because I have a living will. She does not and in light of that and the facts I now have, the only thing to do here is for the parents to be given custodial authority. If they will accept the responsibility of this decision, she is not in pain, then the only decent and rational thing is for the husband to give them custodial authority. Lets hope that is what happens. Its really the only good answer to this whole situation.

The latest from Fox Schivo

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Kofi Wants Your Money

The UN has given out a desperate 11th hour appeal for self reform. What is it all about, well it's all about a sinking ship going down fast.

Not Good

Has there ever been a more corrupt and ingenuous organization in the history of the world? Kofi, his posy and his son have fleeced the treasury and gained "huge" wealth and their legacy is written.............................

Time to reform the UN.............

French Economic Collapse

The French Socialist Economy is collapsing so the government is removing the 35 hour work week and restoring the 39 hour work week that the socialist goverment put in place ( France is a socialist democracy if you did not know ). Huh?

No wonder these socialist don't get it, they are just lazy people who want to have the government take care of them ( like welfare in America ). Now they are returning to the American model after their model had been proven to be a dead-end design. Attention Socialist American pundits, it does not work and hurts everyone.

Want some cheese with that whine while you wait in line for that unemployment check? Viva unemployment in France.

I do dislike the French, I have no use for them and would not lift a finger to help those people ever again.........

Franken & Soros Crash

Sounds like there are problems at "Air America".

Sad Libs

What a sad attempt and how out of touch they truly are with American Mainstream. It is funny however, isn't Franken a complete ass. He is Canadian you know, not even an American. Just like Soros coming to in and telling us what we should be. Sorry boys, we can figure that all out on our own. Are not these sad little men the sad reality of the failed socialist movement?

Friday, March 18, 2005

March Madness

Well it's my favorite time of the year in"sports terms". Isn't March Madness great? Syracuse hurt me bad in one entry, but it's not lethal as of yet. I had Oklahoma St, Louisville, NC, and Syracuse in the final four. Loosing a final four team this early is not good, its really bad.

My other entry has Illinois, Wake, UConn, and Kentucky, and is still really in play. The bands, the fans, the games like a #13 Vermont busting my bracket with a win over Syracuse, that's what its all about................

Nothing matches up in the sports world with March Madness and its needed right about now.

Your Wrong On This Peggy

I really like Peggy Noonan, but I could not be more in disagreement with her on this subject....

Sorry Peggy

Say It Aint So "little mac"

What a disgusting and cowardly presentation by very "little"mac before Congress yesterday. I mean totally sad and very west coast.

Very little mac, refused to answer the question of whether he had every used steroids, when asked over and over and over. He said he was not there to "talk about the past, but rather to be positive about the subject". Huh, positive about what subject? News flash little mac, you played in Missouri and its the show me state, its also the tell me state if you have anything worth saying. Your not talking so you have nothing to say but guilt. The only thing about mac that is big going forward is that he is a Big Liar!

Very little mac is a liar and a false hero. He ran out of the league not because of injuries but because he knew the FBI had him dead to rights. He should of come clean yesterday and admitted being a liar and a fake. Instead he said "I will not talk about the past".

Maris still owns the single home run record in my view for home runs since very little mac and very little bonds are liars and cheats. There has to be a big "*" beside all records broken by little liar mac and little liar bonds.

Let Her Go In Peace

So why is the Federal, State or local government involded in this whole Terri Schiavo scenario? I mean has this story not grown into a terribly horrible intrusion on all the people effected. This woman has been in a vegetable state for 20 years. Isn't it time for everyone who cares about her to let her go? Why would you want put a loved one through a stuffed alive but dead existence?

Why politicians would intrude into this very private matter is beyond explanation. The government should establish the law and then stop interfering in such a terrible decision of a family to make. Get out of the way and let this sad chapter end.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

FBI File Says McGwire Used Steroids

The New York Daily News is reporting the Mark McGwire was juiced on roids. McGwire

Apparently they have witnesses and hard evidence coming from the FBI that this was in fact the case. I know that this borders on sac-religious in this part of the country, but as I said in an earlier post there is no doubt McGwire was on steroids, any reasonable person looking at the physical features of McGwire would agree.

Basically the story is of an FBI sting that nabbed some steroid dealers and they gave McGwire up. It was back in the early 1990's so I guess they just filed the McGwire stuff and that I think is the big story here.

If the FBI had evidence that baseball stars were on juice, why did it not see day light back in early 1990? This deal is about to become a blaze and baseball is in Big trouble because there is no doubt that they have protected abusers for the money it brought the league and have sold out the integrity of the game. The whole baseball community is running around with no shoes and no socks, via Shoeless Joe Jackson.......

Israel Ready For Iranian Nuke Plant

A story from the Times U.K. that is not a surprise to me at all:

Israel Has A Plan

Like I said, I'm not surprised at all rather would expect for Israel to have a fully functional plan at their disposal to take out the Iranian nuke plant. They have done it before, June 8, 1981 Israel bombed the Iraqi Osirak nuke factor, so no doubt they will take care of Iran's plant as well if needed. It has been widely reported that we have recently sold bunker busters heavy duty bombs to Israel so sounds like they have the goods to do the job.

There simply is no way that Israel can allow or afford for a terrorist state like Iran to possess nuclear arms. As crazy as Kim in North Korea is, he has no incentive to launch a nuclear attack. Iran on the other hand is run by Mullahs who despise Israel and preach and promote the total annihilation of the Israel state. If they had a nuclear weapon there is no doubt that one of these crazy Mullahs could profess that they had a vision and God told them to launch the bombs on Israel. It is a probability in my mind rather than a possibility. If they promote and finance the terrorism of Palestinian youths strapping on bombs to their body and blowing up themselves and innocent Israeli children and adults, no way they would hesitate to lob a nuke into Tel Aviv and its population of 1.1 million people.

Iran hosts Hezballa who has been carrying out these terrorist attacks on Israel. Iran provides sanctuary, financial support and logistical support to these terrorist. It would not be a stretch if Iran did get a bomb for them to give it to Hezballa and allow them to be the ones who actually executed the delivery. There would be no winners if such a thing ever happened because if hit by a nuclear attack, Israel would hit every Arab country in the regions and level them all with their nuclear arsenal. The regions would be gone. You think gas prices are high now...................

VP Cheney has said the Iran would be subject to "strong action" if they fail to give up their nuclear plans. US officials have also warned that a joint military strike on the nuke plants by Israeli and America has not been ruled out if the UN plan does not work. The UN plan will not work and ultimately I think we will see, as I have written before, a glowing pile of rubble where the Iranian plant once stood. It's a matter of time I'm affraid rather than if. Iran will not give up the nuke bomb so Israel and America will have to blow up their plant.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Unions Are Cracking

The Socialist Brotherhood is falling apart. Read about the AFL-CIO dire status:

Red & Dead Unions

I would never hire someone who was union if I could hire a non-union contractor. Why should I pay 30% more than what is reasonable and I can get for less and the appropriate rate to offset the dues of a socialist agenda? Bye socialist labor, and good riddance.......Unions had a purpose 100 years ago, but have zero purpose, reason, or rational any longer.

Hag Speak

Susan Estrich was real smug on election night with the false exit poll return results showing Kerry ahead. She was gloating like a Ratherism..................But man has anyone ever had to eat crow like that hag? It was beautiful.......

Well if you want to know just who Susan Estich is, take a look at this story:

Hag Speak

The socialist feminist Estrich attacked fellow liberal Michael Kinsley, NYT Op-Ed Editor ( who has Parkinson's disease ) for his scope of limited female contributors on the Op-Ed page. She went on to say " people are beginning to think that your illness may have affected your brain, your judgment and your ability to do this job."

Nice, real nice from the liberal left they now are feeding on their own who are sick at that. This is going to get "REALLY" ugly I mean REALLLLLLLLY" ugly......................

I think I will pop some corn and enjoy the show...............

Court Room Killer

Rapist Brian Nichols was in court today in Atlanta and somehow took a gun away from a sheriff and killed the Judge, the Court Reporter, and a Sheriff . How does that happen? I mean the guy should have been shot with about 100 holes in his worthless body when he tried such a thing.

He not only killed the above people, but he got away and is on the run tonight. Incredible I say..................

Take a look at a cold blooded killer and a man that does not need to be captured but rather killed in the act of trying to take him into custody.


Update: The Sheriff this killer took the gun from was a woman Sheriff. He was escorted by this lone female Sheriff and apparently had been discovered to have made a prison knife a few days before. How the hell is someone who is known to have made or attempted to get a weapon into the court room, allowed to be taken into the court by a female officer, alone who has a gun? Also the Killer tired to kill others but ran out of bullets and the gun only went "click".........A female office has no business escorting a person of this nature, period. Time to reassess why we have female guards involved with male prisoners, its a really bad idea and one that does not require a whole lot of gray matter to agree with. This animal should have been chained and had a Big Nasty Dude take him into court..............

Update II: Nichols was caught in Buckhead today and is in custody. That's a good thing, however a better scenario would have been for him to have been killed while law enforcement attempted to apprehend him. About 20 bullets to the head would have worked well I think.

Drudge had the story and a picture showing a "female" office escorting this killer. No doubt this is a planned PR move by the law enforcement community of Atlanta given the hard and rightful focus that is coming on why this animal was being escorted by a lone female sheriff given the known arms he had tried to get into the court and the size of this guy. He is a big dude and a dangerous one obviously. I want to hear what the feminists have to say about this one and how they feel about equal opportunity to be put in a position to be killed and have your fellow workers killed..............What a ridiculous and sad agenda the whole socialist feminist agenda is and now it has several more dead people to testify to that point.

Social Security - Retire At 80?

From Fox News, President Bush has apparently revised his pitch for Social Security reform. Seems that the fear factor of fellow Republicans might be too great to take the revamp to the levels he once had focused on. Private accounts might be leaving the table which is too bad. I personally demand a return rate in the 8% or better range from my money and Social Security is looking like a negative return at this point.

I think its telling that Bush is willing to take on the "sacred sick cow" of Social Security reform. It's an easy scare tactic to say Social Security reform is harmful for those with political agendas. And the DNC is running ads doing just that in every city the President visits. Bush being willing to spend political capital on this important issue is brave and like I said telling, just as the DNC attack on any discussions about reform.

Social Security has to be reformed because it will go broke in the next twenty years. It will be required to pay out more money then it takes in and that is the definition of broke. The socialist contention has taken the stance that we simply need to increase taxes to continue to ensure Social Security payments. That's a looser that will result in more fat federal spending and decreased economic development. Bad model and worse impacts from a socialist model that takes our money, cuts a high percentage off the top in a federal pork grab and then redistributes a much smaller portion to the masses.

If you are less than 55 years old you better pay attention to what's going on right now. Unless there is reform and a better plan is constructed, you will not get back the "principle" of what you have paid into this failing plan let alone any type of "cost of funds" return. Its a looser heading down the drain and something has to happen to make is viable. It is a hard issue but hard issues are what we should be electing our representative on the local, state and federal level to address. If not then why are they there?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Time Is Not On They Side, No It Isn't......

What does Walter "Red" Cronkrite have to say about the state of journalism in America? Well here is what the old socialist is saying:

"Give news a little more time and don't entertain. We need a little more time to do our job correctly".

Well Walter, CBS had 12 days after the Rathergate memos were proven false before it was addressed. Snail speed would be kind in describing the CBS reaction. CBS and the ultra liberal socialists have had all the time they can be afforded.

This issue is not about time to get it right, its about the MSM dropping its failed socialist democratic agenda and reporting the news "fair and balanced". That's what Americans want. Walter, Dan, and the MSM have been feeding Americans false goods that are ultra liberal in flavor for forty years. Now things have changed, most people get news from non-MSM sources now. Thank god they do................

I think its telling that Walter said journalists need "time". When a MSM journalist says they need time that's code that they need time to ensure that they get the biased political draping right and hidden before they put their story out there to the sad people who only get news from them.

Sorry Walter, you and the future anchor men and woman don't matter really. We now have "true" freedom of expression and a "true" media coverage via the New Media.

And that's the way it is................................

Native Americans Can Not Say That

Politically Correct gone way wrong......................When has it not?

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke has a mascot known as the "Braves". The NCAA has asked the university to stop calling the team the braves. Small problem with that, the UNC Pembroke was founded "exclusively" for American Indians and they named themselves the Braves.

The university currently has a 20% Native American population which has to be one of the highest in the country. The leader of the Lumbee tribe told the NCAA, "we don't have to have you tell us what's offensive".

Give me a couple tomahawk chops on that one......


That Very Little Blue Politically Insignificant Dot

Mayor Francis Slay won the Democratic primary on Tuesday and is assured reelection. Why "assured" reelection after only winning his parties primary? Well St. Louis Metro is a "one" party town and there is no Republican candidate running for mayor of St. Louis. The only thing between Slay and a second term is Green Party candidate Willie Marshall.

Republicans have left the city and moved to the suburbs were its a great place to live and the Republican candidate usually wins. However, at least there is usually a candidate on the ballot from the DNC in the suburbs. I think it sounds pretty scary to live in a city or area where there simply is no candidate from the opposing party. Think about that...........Just not a healthy place to live.

Slay won on a "rebuilding the city" theme and to his credit there has been a surge in redevelopment. Only problem with the people moving in to the metro is that like the current residents, they too are mostly liberal democrats. I have no idea if the metro plans hope to attract non-liberals but I just don't think most non-liberals would feel that comfortable in a city that does not even have one of their own on the ballet for Mayor. That is a very telling fact.

I found it ironic that one of Slay's top priorities in his second term is to introduce legislation that would allow St. Louis police officers to live outside of the metro district. Seems that the cops are not real comfortable with the ultra liberal environment of metro St. Louis either, and I can't say I blame them.

St. Louis and Kansas City are the only blue dots in the very Red State of Missouri. The power that runs Missouri no longer resides in either metro area and never will again. They are becoming even more insignificant as the days go by politically. The reason being is that they don't even have a Republican on the ticket of their Mayoral election, which tells one how politically biased and polarizing their politics are.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Rat Has Left The Building..........

When the "rat" leaves the hole, the hole will collapse............

From AP News:

Rat Hole

Look for total mayhem at CBS, the socialist democates will sue over lost socialist visions, the moderates will head for cover due to 50 years of programming at CBS, there are no conservatives at CBS, however there are many in the "New Media". Stay tuned this will be fun. This is going to be really ugly, but should be (ugly is needed when it comes to the ulta liberal bias at CBS - time to cleanse). It is an ugly and biased organization that is about to get "full" medicine. If they are serious about moving to main stream, then they better act fast and move to the center at warp speed. They have a very long, long, long ways to go..................

Rather Signs Off In Disgrace

In light of Dan Rathergate's final night hosting the nightly news, a quote from Dan on "The Factor with O'Reilly" May 15, 2001. I call it:

Rather Shaky Ethics From Dan & The CBS Journalism Manual

Bill O’Reilly: “I want to ask you flat out, do you think President Clinton’s an honest man?”
Dan Rather: “Yes, I think he’s an honest man.”
O’Reilly: “Do you, really?”
Rather: “I do.”
O’Reilly: “Even though he lied to Jim Lehrer’s face about the Lewinsky case?”
Rather: “Who among us has not lied about something?”
O’Reilly: “Well, I didn’t lie to anybody’s face on national television. I don’t think you have, have you?”
Rather: “I don’t think I ever have. I hope I never have. But, look, it’s one thing – ” ( well Dan yes you have - often )
O’Reilly: “How can you say he’s an honest guy then?”
Rather: “Well, because I think he is. I think at core he’s an honest person. I know that you have a different view. I know that you consider it sort of astonishing anybody would say so, but I think you can be an honest person and lie about any number of things.”

This should clear things up for anyone who is still curious why CBS and people like Rather & Cronkite have been shading the news towards their liberal socialist agenda for all these years even when the facts usually did not support their agenda. Hey what is the problem with an agenda of lies when its for your good cause right?

For some other telling statements from Rather over the recent years that show his liberal bias check MRC's piece

Monday, March 07, 2005

Bye Comrade Dan & Walter

Walker Cronkite says that Dan Rathergate should have stepped down a long time ago. Speaking about Rather's tenure Cronkite said "It surprised quite a few people at CBS and elsewhere that, without being able to pull up the ratings beyond third in a three-man field, that they tolerated his being there for so long," he told CNN. Man, stick a fork in old Dan, the roast has not been kind even from the ultra liberal left MSM.

Red Brothers

However Comrade Conkite goes on to say why Rather is in fact a CBS kind of guy. "We all know he made a mistake by now," Cronkite said. "But would we have done much the same? I would not be sure that I wouldn't have followed my producers and accepted what they had to offer."

Bet the house that any CBS anchor would have went with the same false document story and put the DNC agenda ahead of the news, regardless of who was in the seat. Cronkite is the ultimate socialist, and its time for him and his little brother Dan to fade away................into a pale red.

Bush Does Not Play

I watched a little bit of the Dennis Miller show on MSNBC and he made a comment that I think is real telling. Miller said when discussing the Lebanon situation that "Bush does not play". Is that to the core or what?

Regan did not play, he brought down the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtail. Bush I drove Sadeem out of Kuwait and said no, that will not happen. Now George W. Bush trumps both with the proactive intervention ( that's code for preemptive attack ), and his vision is paying off with the liberation of the Middle East.

What did recent DNC Presidents do? Well Carter ushered in the modern terrorist movement with his weak and bad policy on Iran and Iraq. Clinton blew up an aspirin factory when given the chance to kill OB, and did basically nothing after the first World Trade Center attach. Weakness that is palpable to our enemies and they acted.

Now under a strong leader, we see freedom spreading far and wide. What a beautiful thing. I have never been so happy to be on the right side of politics.

DNC Wants Prisoners To Vote

Where will the DNC try and acquire the votes that they currently do not have to regain power in American? Well looks like their next voter registration drive after the cemetery, and homeless shelters of 2004 will now focus on prisons and released felons. Per George F. Will in Newsweek:

DNC Prisoner Voting Act

Democratic Senators Barbs Boxer Calif, Hill Clinton NY, and Stephanie Tubbs Jones via Ohio, are promoting "The Count Every Vote Act". The act would require states to accept all absentee ballots, including those from felons, no questions asked and no validation. Huh?????

Further more the act would continue to erode state laws and jurisdiction over how the state operates within the Federal guidelines. See socialist democrats are very much against state rights and want all power and law to reside at the Federal level and for the Federal level to be controlled by socialist democrats like themselves.

If you are in favor of giving incarcerated people or released felons the right to vote, can you explain why that would be? When we as Americans so prostitute our political process to give convicted felons and current prisoners the right to vote its time to really consider what we are becoming. It's a very large hole the DNC is proposing and supporting.

Do you think the victims are worried about a person in a cage paying for their crime are really in agreement that they should have the same voting right as non criminals? In America the people decide what our laws and policies are. Are you involved to ensure that people like Boxer, Clinton, and Tubbs are not setting policy and paving the way for convicts to have the equal and sacred vote that you have?

Syria Begins Withdraw

The redeployment of Syrian troops in Lebanon has begun. Fox is reporting that the pull back is occurring:


The clear issue here is that a Syrian pull back to the border area of the Bekaa Valley will not fulfill the demands of the world on Syria. It is a good first step which Syria really has no option on with the huge protests (70,000 united Christian and Muslim Lebanese citizens today protested) and international demands, but the Bekaa will no suffice ultimately.

Syria has to completely withdraw from Lebanon, nothing else will do. There is one group of people in Lebanon who do not want the Syrians to leave. Hezbollah is urging counter protests to keep Syria troops in Lebanon. Well the fact that the Hezbollah terrorist are mostly Palestinian living in a country that is not theirs, welcomed by Syria, makes the whole plea for counter protest quite silly I think. Hezbollah is about to get the boot just like the Syria troops. How do your think Hezbollah is going to like living in the West Bank within close range of Israel?

The Grass of Freedom is growing in the most unlikely and strange places, but also in the most logical and needed places also.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Defeatists Have No Where To Hide

The Dems on the Sunday shows, were back peddling like a drunken circus clowns on a unicycle being chased by a lion under the big tent, when the subject of Iraq and Middle East policy came up. Comrade Kennedy, Durbin and Klugman (NYT's) were ducking and weaving like a boxer on the ropes getting pounded before a knock-out.

None said "I was wrong", but their explanation of not supporting the vision that is igniting the next great freedom of the world was clearly a defeated one. Sad, hollow and seeming to understand that the platform they stand on and support is one that weakens American has no vision and was wrong about Iraq and the Middle East policy. They now are back seat observers who have no standing in the success of this beautiful revolution and can't be anything else but back observers due to their record.

If Kennedy, Durbin, and Klugman had their way, all the freedom that is growing in Iraq, Afghanistan and soon to be sprung in other Muslim countries, would simply not have happened. Instead we would still be enforcing a no fly zone, Sadam would still be in power and killing thousands of his people daily, and terrorist would still be bold and threatening you and me.

The socialist democrats in the DNC and MSM have been rooting against a successful Iraq iniative since it began. They have been loud, unpatriotic, and at times vial. The mood now is I think resentful after watching them the past few days as it becomes clear to them that they were on the very wrong side of this important issue. Now they will have to lay in the bed they made and Americans will hold them to it.

Thank God we don't see their vision in the world today and thank God we have the vision of George W. Bush rather than Kennedy, Durbin and Krugman leading our country. The defeatist attitude of these socialist democrats would kill this country and weaken it beyond repair.

Is Eason Jordan Working for The Daily II Manifesto?

The shooting of and at the vehicle caring former Italian hostage in Iraq, Giuliana Sgrena is as President Bush said in his official statement on the matter, a "horrific accident". No shortage of those in war, but this whole story has another bend or angle to it aside from the sad story that it is.

Sgrena is a reporter for the Daily II Manifesto, an Italian Communist newspaper. She and her paper are alleging that the American Military "deliberately targeted her because the American's don't want negotiations to free hostages". She and the paper went on to say "the fact that they do everything to prevent the adoption of this practice to save the lives of people held hostage, everybody knows that. So I don't see why I should rule out that I could have been the target". Spoken like a true communist liberal, what a crazy statement to make. Perhaps Eason Jordan has joined the staff of the Daily II Manifesto.

The Daily II Manifesto has been vehemently against military actions in Iraq. Sgrena's work has also been very anti coalition while she was in Iraq prior to being taken hostage. Forgive me for being somewhat skeptical if I think that both the Manifesto & Sgrena are using this terrible accident to further their political leanings. If so Sgrena is doing a unspeakable and vial thing to the memory and sacrific of Nicola Calipari.

Lets look at the information as we know it at this time and what the investigation is reviewing. Sgrena was likely freed after Italian officials paid a ransom per an Italian Cabinet minister (Agriculture Minister Giovanni Alemanno). This I suppose is what Sgrena is claiming to be the stategy that the American military is opposed to. Taking the position that American officers think its a bad policy to pay kidnappers to being targeted is beyond a wild stretch.

The early reports show that Nicola Calipari, the agent who died when he shielded Sgrena and was killed, did not establish contact with the American Military command or advise them of the operation. If true that in itself was probably the leading factor in the accident.

It is being reported that the car carrying Calipari, Sgrena and the rest of the Italian group was speeding towards an American check point in one of the deadliest stretches of road in Iraq. The American military soldiers are reported to have directed the driver to stop by using hand and verbal commands, used warning lights and even shot warning shots to get them to obey the directions. They did not and continued to speed forward and the soldiers opened fire.

If I were at the check point in an area where many fellow soldiers have died because of bombs in cars and on the side of the road, and the above is in fact what occurred, I would have been the first to pull the trigger. Any logical person would have done the same thing.

If Calipari in fact did not establish communications with the military command on his mission, was not in communication with military command while traveling in the car after the hand over, and the hand, verbal, flashing lights, and warning shots were given, then it is a terrible accident but one that is the result of unwise and poor decision making. Not on the part of the American military personal manning the check point but rather on the part of the brave Italian rescuers.

Calipari is without a doubt a brave hero and great patriot for putting himself in harms way to rescue a fellow country person and then give the ultimate sacrifice of his life for hers. But if he did not follow the basic rules in such a hostile and violent place, then he is unfortunately the one who is to blame ultimately. It does not change the hero status of his last moment here on earth, but if this is what in fact happened, it is even worse because the death of a hero did not need to occur and would not have if the proper precautions were taken. God rest in peace Hero Calipari............

Friday, March 04, 2005

Smoking Up St. Charles Tax Revenue Via Bans

In STL Country the County government is proposing that smoking be banned in all restaurants and public busniness places. I don't think that is a bad thing but the industries that are effected do. I smoke but don't need to in a place that does not allow it.

Restaurants, bars, and especially casinos, do not like the ruling. They feel that they will loose business from the law and it could put them out of business. Well yes they will, you do not need to do a business analysis plan on that one.

Maryland Heights especially has concerns, because if the Harrah's casino is effected by the law, then you can drive about three miles further and go to St. Charles county and go to a casino that is not effected.

I don't gamble but have been to the casinos and would say that about 35-45% are smokers. If you can smoke and gamble without an issue in St. Charles or save 10 minutes and gamble at Harrah's and not be able to smoke, where you going?

St. Charles is about to get a huge cash infusion from their casino taxes..........................

Economy Is Hot, Regardless of What Libs Said

Stocks surged today on the jobs report. The Dow hit at 3+ year high and ended at 10,940.55 That is a one day increase of 0.99%. Looks like the ecomony is just fine and have you noticed we have not heard the doom day economic predictions from the MSM since November 3rd?

The MSM played the economy card hard during the election and in their effort to unseat George W. Bush. What a scam, and what a hollow agenda. Well like all things liberal, it just turns into dust......................

Chimp Stuff

Why do people think that they can become Jane Goodall and some how build a magical bridge to wild and dangerous animals? In Havilah, Calif. a man (James Davis) who had given a couple chimpanzees to a sanctuary after they bit a woman's finger off when he had them in his home, was attacked and his nose was chewed off and was severely mauled by the chimps.

Mr. Davis was at the sanctuary to celebrate one of his former Chimps birthday and apparently had a cake. Then all hell broke loose..............Why are you going into a cage with a wild Chimp with a birthday cake?

They are wild animals and very strong primates. They can rip your arm out of your body, that is how strong they are. Why are you in a cage with a birthday cake with such an animal? In a related story, researchers in Indonesia discovered a very small former human species, they call Hmo floresiensis ( Hobbit for short ). Hobbit was about 3 feet tall and had a head about the size of a grape fruit, thus a brain about the size of a grape fruit. Hobbit however seems to have been pretty smart and made sophisticated stone tools and hunted and ate animals 18,000 years ago. I bet Hobbit was smart enough to take one of those sophisticated stone tools in the cage of that chimp if in fact he had to go into it..............

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Who Fears Freedom of Speach And A Free Press?

Who fears and hates the blogs and the New Media? Well Malaysia, Bahrain, Iran and the DNC/MSM Partnership.
Blog Fear

Check out LGF's story on how scared the dictators and theocratic of the world are about the freedom of blogs.

Who else doesn't like the blogs and the New Media, well the MSM because they no longer have exclusive power over how the news is reported and the information that is presented for you and me to make up our own minds. Actually they no longer control the flow of news and the New Media is accelerating quickly. The DNC and MSM have been partners in their effort to shape the political agenda of our country for many years and with that power falling faster than the credibility of the United Nations, their scared and rightfully so. They hate the New Media because they no longer can filter the news to their political leanings.

Freedom of expression is the most powerful right any free people have..........

Syria You Have A Problem

From Fox News, Syria is in a real hard place and rightfully so:

Saudi leader Crown Prince Abdullah told Syria to get out of Lebanon quick or face deeper isolation. Now Saudi Arabia is by no means the bastion of democracy but they are the leading power of the Arab world. When they are telling Syria to go, you got to believe that Syria will in deed be leaving very soon.

Syria has a bad situation on their hands. After years of being one the leading supporters of terrorism, they are running short on rope. To their east is newly free and democratic Iraq. To their west is a country on the verge of becoming a free and democratic country. Oh and by the way, this soon to be free and democratic country Lebanon, is the country that Syria has prostituted and used as the stageing field for all those terrorist organizations.

The day of reckoning is close at hand for Syria and the pay back is going to be brutal.

Update Syria is saying this PM that they will leave Lebanon in the next few months after meetings with Saudi Arabia. I think its more like days or weeks, not months.................

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Klugman Is Pleading On His Last Loosing DNC Cause

Comrade Paul Krugman is pleading and begging for no cracks in the Democratic front on Social Security. He calls Lieberman out by name for being willing to discuss the solutions needed to fix this enormous problem. Man what an objective journalist, he is setting strategy for the DNC I'd say and is the ultimate shill for the DNC. Eric The Mink is your less talented and local version of a shill DNC journalist.

Krugman's awkward and poorly written article basically promotes the theme that his Dems should not "compromise" on Social Security reform. Why, well Krug thinks that the party he represents in the press is winning on Social Security reform and it should not be reformed. I think Krug should have to file and disclose his Political Action Committee (PAC)alliance to the DNC in his article header, don't you? Krug can dissent that's a good American safeguard, but to harm American's deeply with his twisted dissent is a legacy that he and people who share his views will have to answer 20 years from now. You will be held accountable, trust me on that point.

I don't know who is winning or not, but anyone who does not understand that Social Security has to be reformed to be viable just simply does not understand finances and facts. I do not plan my retirement with Social Security because I think it is doubtful that it will be there when I retire. I'd bet the house that without reform I will certainly not get back every dollar I paid in. Take that to the bank if there is not reform. So my Social Security contributions are "welfare" to some point currently under the current plan.

Krug has been so wrong on Iraq, so wrong on the 2004 election, and so wrong on the Bush Doctrine, that he only has the Social Security issue to cling to. Instead of pushing forward positive discussion and possibilities for anyone younger than 55 years old to realize a better plan, comrade Klug embraces dissention.

Klug is a product of the activist sixties joined by the limited children of activist sixties types (see Hollywood). Trust no one, capitalism is bad, hate America, and promote a socialist European democracy platform. The problem is that era is dead and gone. The 2004 elections buried that agenda and era. Like Jerry Garcia of the Dead, the era is truly dead and gone.........

Krug wants to promote the socialist democratic agenda of government taking your money in large sums ( high-high-high taxes ) and redistributing it as the government sees fit ( social programs run my the most ineffective institution of all time in America - the Federal government ). Its simply a bad and doomed plan. It will fail, just look at what is happening in Germany with their socialist reform programs.

Krug is entertaining to me now, looking at what an ass he was and how smug two years ago he was, while now he pleads and beg for relevance in the reality of today is "VERY" rewarding. It's icing on the cake that the facts continue to bury him in total irrelevance and make his off the mark and socialist dribble mute.

Keep giving us that sad, mute, and embarrassing dribble Krug.......We love seeing you roll in the mud, it is the perfect place for you to be...................

Now You Are Hitler Per A Little KKK Byrd

Well in the past four days here is what the DNC leadership (little l) has had to say about you if you are a Republican or have Republican values.

Howard "The Scream" Dean said Saturday that if you are a Republican you are "Evil". Today the senior DNC Senator Robert Byrd D. West Virginia, called Republicans "Hitler's". The former KKK member Byrd made the statement during a speach on the Senate floor in his comments related to the so called "nuclear option" available to Senate member to resolve filibusters.

KKK former member Byrd cited Hitler's 1930's rise to power by, in part, pushing legislation through the German parliament that seemed to legitimize his ascension. He then stated, "We, unlike Nazi Germany or Mussolini's Italy, have never stopped being a nation of laws, not of men," Byrd said. "But witness how men with motives and a majority can manipulate law to cruel and unjust ends." Byrd then quoted historian Alan Bullock, saying Hitler "turned the law inside out and made illegality legal." Byrd added, "That is what the nuclear option seeks to do."

So a former KKK member telling you and I that we are Hitler? That's pretty strange I think that a fascist like Byrd would imply that anyone else was the ultimate fascist. How are you feeling now about the DNC statements about you personally the past few days? So lets analalize the past few days from these two DNC leaders.

If you combine the Dean Scream fanatical speeches of hate calling other fellow citizens "Evil" and the senior member of the DNC Senate calling fellow American citizens "Hitler's", what kind of tone does that set? Sounds a lot like another party that rose up in Germany in the late 1930's called the Nazis.............Same tone, same lack of tolerance, same fanaticism.........

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

CNN And A Cocktail?

The Clinton News Network (CNN) has decided to be the first network to allow the advertising of alcoholic beverages on a news network in many years. Whats next, perhaps cigarettes, and then Columbian Gold Grass. Things have to be pretty bad at the liberal news network CNN to make this move. Will CNN have a NASCA car in next weeks race?

They are running dead last in the ratings so I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. I suppose it is a hang-over from the election and the current "Great" news of the Bush Doctrine as it plays out so successfully all over the world, freeing millions of people.

CNN is kind of like Spike TV, their credibly is gone and they are grabbing for strings at this point, or better, mix that cocktail that they shill to thier shill viewers.

The DNC Wants Moderate Conservatives?

Dean and the DNC have a failed message out of the shoot. Howard "The Scream" Dean seemed to hint that the DNC strategy for the future was to capture moderate conservative like me. He said in Kansas Saturday,"Moderate Republicans can't stand these people (conservatives), because they're intolerant. They don't think tolerance is a virtue," Dean said, adding: "I'm not going to have these right-wingers throw away our right to be tolerant." Howard The Scream calling any other person "INTOLERANT" with his standings and record? Mr. Dean I know tolerant, and you Sir are not tolerant...............

Well I do not share the "exact" same base as conservatives but here is a news flash to the DNC and Dean, we are real close neighbors and I can walk over and knock on the door. The DNC however is a plane ride away.....far, far, far, far, away.

If the DNC strategy is to capture moderate conservatives like me, they have a strategy for complete failure. Thats good, be thankful if that is the stategy.

Dean The Scream Says Your Evil

New DNC Chairman Howard "The Scream" Dean said in Kansas Saturday,"This is a struggle of good and evil. And we're the good." Dean said the Republicans were "evil"! He did not say that he disagreed with them, or he thought they were wrong or misinformed. He said that if you are a Republican or support Republican values that you are "EVIL".

That's a very personal statement from the DNC Chairman to you. He said exactly that, and there is no doubt that he meant exactly that. Dean thinks that if you are a Republican or have Republican values then you are an "evil person".

So what are you going to do about this personal attack on you by Dean? Do you agree with the DNC and their chairman? A statement from the official party leader of the DNC at this level...........any wonder they are a dieing party?

Pull The Trigger? You Bet!

From Editor & Publisher, comes news that "one in four Americans would use nukes against terrorists", per a Gallup. Seems kind of low to me, that only 25% of Americans would approve of dropping an A Bomb on terrorists if we knew exactly where they were. Certainly collateral damage would have to be part of the decision, but in a remote area where there was no or limited collateral damage and we could take out say 100 Al Qaida members including Bin Laden, that's a no brainier in my opinion, bombs away.............................Read the Editor & Publisher article below

Other findings from the Gallup Poll:

Assassinate Known Terrorists: 65%

Torture Known Terrorists: 39%

I think that the assassination of terrorists should be about at the 95% level and torture is not defined enough to make a decision. Is torture keeping people awake, dripping water on their head, scaring them with dogs? If so then it should be 100%. If its turning the dog loose and letting it attack the terrorist then is there a need to have immediate info that will save Americans? If so I'm good with that also.