Friday, March 11, 2005

Court Room Killer

Rapist Brian Nichols was in court today in Atlanta and somehow took a gun away from a sheriff and killed the Judge, the Court Reporter, and a Sheriff . How does that happen? I mean the guy should have been shot with about 100 holes in his worthless body when he tried such a thing.

He not only killed the above people, but he got away and is on the run tonight. Incredible I say..................

Take a look at a cold blooded killer and a man that does not need to be captured but rather killed in the act of trying to take him into custody.


Update: The Sheriff this killer took the gun from was a woman Sheriff. He was escorted by this lone female Sheriff and apparently had been discovered to have made a prison knife a few days before. How the hell is someone who is known to have made or attempted to get a weapon into the court room, allowed to be taken into the court by a female officer, alone who has a gun? Also the Killer tired to kill others but ran out of bullets and the gun only went "click".........A female office has no business escorting a person of this nature, period. Time to reassess why we have female guards involved with male prisoners, its a really bad idea and one that does not require a whole lot of gray matter to agree with. This animal should have been chained and had a Big Nasty Dude take him into court..............

Update II: Nichols was caught in Buckhead today and is in custody. That's a good thing, however a better scenario would have been for him to have been killed while law enforcement attempted to apprehend him. About 20 bullets to the head would have worked well I think.

Drudge had the story and a picture showing a "female" office escorting this killer. No doubt this is a planned PR move by the law enforcement community of Atlanta given the hard and rightful focus that is coming on why this animal was being escorted by a lone female sheriff given the known arms he had tried to get into the court and the size of this guy. He is a big dude and a dangerous one obviously. I want to hear what the feminists have to say about this one and how they feel about equal opportunity to be put in a position to be killed and have your fellow workers killed..............What a ridiculous and sad agenda the whole socialist feminist agenda is and now it has several more dead people to testify to that point.