Thursday, March 03, 2005

Syria You Have A Problem

From Fox News, Syria is in a real hard place and rightfully so:

Saudi leader Crown Prince Abdullah told Syria to get out of Lebanon quick or face deeper isolation. Now Saudi Arabia is by no means the bastion of democracy but they are the leading power of the Arab world. When they are telling Syria to go, you got to believe that Syria will in deed be leaving very soon.

Syria has a bad situation on their hands. After years of being one the leading supporters of terrorism, they are running short on rope. To their east is newly free and democratic Iraq. To their west is a country on the verge of becoming a free and democratic country. Oh and by the way, this soon to be free and democratic country Lebanon, is the country that Syria has prostituted and used as the stageing field for all those terrorist organizations.

The day of reckoning is close at hand for Syria and the pay back is going to be brutal.

Update Syria is saying this PM that they will leave Lebanon in the next few months after meetings with Saudi Arabia. I think its more like days or weeks, not months.................