Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Culture of Life Is Correct

Today the President said "we need to build a culture of life". I agree with that completely. We should ensure that people who are sick and dieing have the avenue of protection from having a tube that feeds them pulled and kills them. Any rational person would agree with the President and support that opinion.

Regardless of your political leanings you have to agree with the wise and correct views of our President, we must protect people who can not protect themselves. If there are questions or doubt then we have to make sure, before we do something as severe and defining as killing a person. We should always error on the side of life when the decision is to kill a sick person.

Life is the complete glue that holds us together and counts. It is the vehicle that we navigate this world through and brings us in contact with each other. Without it all other things just don't matter and would not be experienced. Without life we don't exist and don't experience anything.

I think that what President Bush is telling us is that we need to establish a law or panel that will review cases like the Schiavo situation and be prepared to provide oversight and fair resolution. That is very wise and important. We should have a law and a review process that protects people from being killed. Then if we have met all requirements and the right thing is to let them die per what they want, then let the family do so in private without people or government who do not even know them interfearing.

People on death row who have killed other in a very violent manner and were sentenced to death live about 20 years on average before they are put to death or die a nature death. Why because we allow them appeal after appeal before being put to death. I'm not saying that is wrong but what I am saying is that we should also give people like Schiavo the same due process. In the end, it has to be the law of the land and everything else conforms around the law.

Bottom line, we need a good sound law on this matter and then everyone else get out of the way and let the family deal with it and make the hard decisions. They are hard decisions and no one wants you are me in that mix when the time comes.