Monday, March 07, 2005

Syria Begins Withdraw

The redeployment of Syrian troops in Lebanon has begun. Fox is reporting that the pull back is occurring:


The clear issue here is that a Syrian pull back to the border area of the Bekaa Valley will not fulfill the demands of the world on Syria. It is a good first step which Syria really has no option on with the huge protests (70,000 united Christian and Muslim Lebanese citizens today protested) and international demands, but the Bekaa will no suffice ultimately.

Syria has to completely withdraw from Lebanon, nothing else will do. There is one group of people in Lebanon who do not want the Syrians to leave. Hezbollah is urging counter protests to keep Syria troops in Lebanon. Well the fact that the Hezbollah terrorist are mostly Palestinian living in a country that is not theirs, welcomed by Syria, makes the whole plea for counter protest quite silly I think. Hezbollah is about to get the boot just like the Syria troops. How do your think Hezbollah is going to like living in the West Bank within close range of Israel?

The Grass of Freedom is growing in the most unlikely and strange places, but also in the most logical and needed places also.