Monday, March 07, 2005

Bush Does Not Play

I watched a little bit of the Dennis Miller show on MSNBC and he made a comment that I think is real telling. Miller said when discussing the Lebanon situation that "Bush does not play". Is that to the core or what?

Regan did not play, he brought down the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtail. Bush I drove Sadeem out of Kuwait and said no, that will not happen. Now George W. Bush trumps both with the proactive intervention ( that's code for preemptive attack ), and his vision is paying off with the liberation of the Middle East.

What did recent DNC Presidents do? Well Carter ushered in the modern terrorist movement with his weak and bad policy on Iran and Iraq. Clinton blew up an aspirin factory when given the chance to kill OB, and did basically nothing after the first World Trade Center attach. Weakness that is palpable to our enemies and they acted.

Now under a strong leader, we see freedom spreading far and wide. What a beautiful thing. I have never been so happy to be on the right side of politics.