Friday, March 25, 2005

UN Blue Helmet Rapists

The latest UN scandal ( I have lost count there are so many ), is raking the final dirt over the UN grave. The Blue Helmets have been raping children in war ravaged in Congo for years. The organization that was suppose to protect and give safe harbor to the weak and exposed has been rapping the children of that country for years.

Blue Helmet Rapists

What did the UN Secretary General "in charge of fraud" Kofi Annan have to say, "The renewed confidence of member states in United Nations peacekeeping has led to a surge in demand, with the result that the United Nations now has more missions on the ground than ever before. The majority of these are in Africa, where — I regret to say — developed countries are increasingly reluctant to contribute troops. As a result, our capacity is overstretched."

What does that mean, well it means he is blaming us. We should be in Africa helping out with forces because the "blue helmets" are totally incompetent without American, British, or Australian troops in charge and involved. The banana republic "blue helmets" could not protect a NCAA bracket with Duke, OSU, Wake Forest, and UConn in the finals. The UN is a joke and does more damage than help these days.

Well we have a little matter going on to free the people of the Middle East right now, that the UN obstructed for years and their policies and criticism created most of the mess. It's going very well but it requires a lot of our resources right now. Forgive us if we don't have troops to help out the UN right now.

Kofi likes targets that he and his family can embezzle lots of money from and there is no opportunity for that in the poor African countries. So, Kofi wants nothing to do with it and does not pay the attention that he did to say Iraq where he, his son and his posy skimmed millions off the "oil for food program scandal". The UN is defined by Liars, Thief's, and Rapists. Why do we belong to this organization?

Update: Why isn't the NYT & STL Pravda Post not running picture after picture and story after story on the rape and torture of the children of the Congo who have been tortured by the UN Blue Helmets?