Monday, March 07, 2005

DNC Wants Prisoners To Vote

Where will the DNC try and acquire the votes that they currently do not have to regain power in American? Well looks like their next voter registration drive after the cemetery, and homeless shelters of 2004 will now focus on prisons and released felons. Per George F. Will in Newsweek:

DNC Prisoner Voting Act

Democratic Senators Barbs Boxer Calif, Hill Clinton NY, and Stephanie Tubbs Jones via Ohio, are promoting "The Count Every Vote Act". The act would require states to accept all absentee ballots, including those from felons, no questions asked and no validation. Huh?????

Further more the act would continue to erode state laws and jurisdiction over how the state operates within the Federal guidelines. See socialist democrats are very much against state rights and want all power and law to reside at the Federal level and for the Federal level to be controlled by socialist democrats like themselves.

If you are in favor of giving incarcerated people or released felons the right to vote, can you explain why that would be? When we as Americans so prostitute our political process to give convicted felons and current prisoners the right to vote its time to really consider what we are becoming. It's a very large hole the DNC is proposing and supporting.

Do you think the victims are worried about a person in a cage paying for their crime are really in agreement that they should have the same voting right as non criminals? In America the people decide what our laws and policies are. Are you involved to ensure that people like Boxer, Clinton, and Tubbs are not setting policy and paving the way for convicts to have the equal and sacred vote that you have?