Friday, March 04, 2005

Chimp Stuff

Why do people think that they can become Jane Goodall and some how build a magical bridge to wild and dangerous animals? In Havilah, Calif. a man (James Davis) who had given a couple chimpanzees to a sanctuary after they bit a woman's finger off when he had them in his home, was attacked and his nose was chewed off and was severely mauled by the chimps.

Mr. Davis was at the sanctuary to celebrate one of his former Chimps birthday and apparently had a cake. Then all hell broke loose..............Why are you going into a cage with a wild Chimp with a birthday cake?

They are wild animals and very strong primates. They can rip your arm out of your body, that is how strong they are. Why are you in a cage with a birthday cake with such an animal? In a related story, researchers in Indonesia discovered a very small former human species, they call Hmo floresiensis ( Hobbit for short ). Hobbit was about 3 feet tall and had a head about the size of a grape fruit, thus a brain about the size of a grape fruit. Hobbit however seems to have been pretty smart and made sophisticated stone tools and hunted and ate animals 18,000 years ago. I bet Hobbit was smart enough to take one of those sophisticated stone tools in the cage of that chimp if in fact he had to go into it..............