Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terri Shiavo

Well the only thing anyone is talking about is the Terri Shiavo story. It is a terrible story as I have posted before. Its a no win no matter what situation. I have a slightly revised position on this story since I first posted.

I do not think that the local, state or federal government needs to be involved in matters of this nature. As I posted earlier I said the law should be made and then government gets out of the way and allows people in this terrible situation to make the horrible decisions that have to be made.

As I have gained more information on this case, I think that the ability to decide for sure what Terri Shiavo's wishes are is in some doubt. That does not mean that I think the government should move in and put the tube back in. However, I think that if there is doubt in what her wishes would be, there is no living will, and her parents are willing to take on the responsibility to care for her then that is what should happen.

Why would a husband not say ok and give the inlaws custodial authority here and let them care for the woman? He could say that is not what you want from my perspective, but you are her parents and if that is what you want then ok. He could walk away saying I did what I think she would have wanted, but defaulted to you "her parents" who say that is not what she wanted.

Again the government should not have to be involved in this conversation if rational people got together and worked out the best and most logical solution. I think there is a whole lot more to this story based in the relationship and motives between the husband and the parents and we will learn about that in the coming days. I think there is a whole lot more to learn on that point.

The other new revelation for me is that this woman needs a tube to feed her but is not on a respirator or "true" life support. If you feed her by a tube like thousands of babies and adults in our hospitals today, she stays alive. I was under the impression that she was on life support not simply a tube to feed her. I think that changes this issue for me quite a bit. It makes it much more questionable to remove the tube I think.

I personally would not want to remain here on earth if I were in the state that Terri is and would not want the government to come in and say I had to stay alive in that state. I would not have to because I have a living will. She does not and in light of that and the facts I now have, the only thing to do here is for the parents to be given custodial authority. If they will accept the responsibility of this decision, she is not in pain, then the only decent and rational thing is for the husband to give them custodial authority. Lets hope that is what happens. Its really the only good answer to this whole situation.

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