Thursday, March 03, 2005

Who Fears Freedom of Speach And A Free Press?

Who fears and hates the blogs and the New Media? Well Malaysia, Bahrain, Iran and the DNC/MSM Partnership.
Blog Fear

Check out LGF's story on how scared the dictators and theocratic of the world are about the freedom of blogs.

Who else doesn't like the blogs and the New Media, well the MSM because they no longer have exclusive power over how the news is reported and the information that is presented for you and me to make up our own minds. Actually they no longer control the flow of news and the New Media is accelerating quickly. The DNC and MSM have been partners in their effort to shape the political agenda of our country for many years and with that power falling faster than the credibility of the United Nations, their scared and rightfully so. They hate the New Media because they no longer can filter the news to their political leanings.

Freedom of expression is the most powerful right any free people have..........