Friday, March 25, 2005

Registered Sex Offender Killers

The body of Jetseta Marrie Gage seems to have been found in Iowa. She is a 10 year old mentally challenged girl that was abducted by a family acquaintance, Roger Bentley. Take a look at this killer via Fox:

Child Killer

Jessica Lunsford a couple weeks ago by the same type of animal, a "registered sex offender". People like the monsters that killed both of these children should be thrown in the general population of the jail that they are being held in. That would take care of the need to have a trial.

Check out your neighborhood to see if you have animals living near you at:

Sex Offender Registry

What's going on here? Why is there an explosion of sexual predators hurting and killing children? Well probably because they are out of jail after serving reduced sentences. These felons who do these things come out and not only sexually assault children again, but then kill them. Felon sexual predators should serve at least 25 years if convicted, manditory.

By the way, if the Democratic National Party (DNC) has their ways, animals like these convicted felons who attack and kill children will have the right to vote. Sick and sicker............................................

DNC Felon Vote