Sunday, March 06, 2005

Defeatists Have No Where To Hide

The Dems on the Sunday shows, were back peddling like a drunken circus clowns on a unicycle being chased by a lion under the big tent, when the subject of Iraq and Middle East policy came up. Comrade Kennedy, Durbin and Klugman (NYT's) were ducking and weaving like a boxer on the ropes getting pounded before a knock-out.

None said "I was wrong", but their explanation of not supporting the vision that is igniting the next great freedom of the world was clearly a defeated one. Sad, hollow and seeming to understand that the platform they stand on and support is one that weakens American has no vision and was wrong about Iraq and the Middle East policy. They now are back seat observers who have no standing in the success of this beautiful revolution and can't be anything else but back observers due to their record.

If Kennedy, Durbin, and Klugman had their way, all the freedom that is growing in Iraq, Afghanistan and soon to be sprung in other Muslim countries, would simply not have happened. Instead we would still be enforcing a no fly zone, Sadam would still be in power and killing thousands of his people daily, and terrorist would still be bold and threatening you and me.

The socialist democrats in the DNC and MSM have been rooting against a successful Iraq iniative since it began. They have been loud, unpatriotic, and at times vial. The mood now is I think resentful after watching them the past few days as it becomes clear to them that they were on the very wrong side of this important issue. Now they will have to lay in the bed they made and Americans will hold them to it.

Thank God we don't see their vision in the world today and thank God we have the vision of George W. Bush rather than Kennedy, Durbin and Krugman leading our country. The defeatist attitude of these socialist democrats would kill this country and weaken it beyond repair.