Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Pull The Trigger? You Bet!

From Editor & Publisher, comes news that "one in four Americans would use nukes against terrorists", per a Gallup. Seems kind of low to me, that only 25% of Americans would approve of dropping an A Bomb on terrorists if we knew exactly where they were. Certainly collateral damage would have to be part of the decision, but in a remote area where there was no or limited collateral damage and we could take out say 100 Al Qaida members including Bin Laden, that's a no brainier in my opinion, bombs away.............................Read the Editor & Publisher article below

Other findings from the Gallup Poll:

Assassinate Known Terrorists: 65%

Torture Known Terrorists: 39%

I think that the assassination of terrorists should be about at the 95% level and torture is not defined enough to make a decision. Is torture keeping people awake, dripping water on their head, scaring them with dogs? If so then it should be 100%. If its turning the dog loose and letting it attack the terrorist then is there a need to have immediate info that will save Americans? If so I'm good with that also.