Saturday, March 12, 2005

FBI File Says McGwire Used Steroids

The New York Daily News is reporting the Mark McGwire was juiced on roids. McGwire

Apparently they have witnesses and hard evidence coming from the FBI that this was in fact the case. I know that this borders on sac-religious in this part of the country, but as I said in an earlier post there is no doubt McGwire was on steroids, any reasonable person looking at the physical features of McGwire would agree.

Basically the story is of an FBI sting that nabbed some steroid dealers and they gave McGwire up. It was back in the early 1990's so I guess they just filed the McGwire stuff and that I think is the big story here.

If the FBI had evidence that baseball stars were on juice, why did it not see day light back in early 1990? This deal is about to become a blaze and baseball is in Big trouble because there is no doubt that they have protected abusers for the money it brought the league and have sold out the integrity of the game. The whole baseball community is running around with no shoes and no socks, via Shoeless Joe Jackson.......