Thursday, March 10, 2005

That Very Little Blue Politically Insignificant Dot

Mayor Francis Slay won the Democratic primary on Tuesday and is assured reelection. Why "assured" reelection after only winning his parties primary? Well St. Louis Metro is a "one" party town and there is no Republican candidate running for mayor of St. Louis. The only thing between Slay and a second term is Green Party candidate Willie Marshall.

Republicans have left the city and moved to the suburbs were its a great place to live and the Republican candidate usually wins. However, at least there is usually a candidate on the ballot from the DNC in the suburbs. I think it sounds pretty scary to live in a city or area where there simply is no candidate from the opposing party. Think about that...........Just not a healthy place to live.

Slay won on a "rebuilding the city" theme and to his credit there has been a surge in redevelopment. Only problem with the people moving in to the metro is that like the current residents, they too are mostly liberal democrats. I have no idea if the metro plans hope to attract non-liberals but I just don't think most non-liberals would feel that comfortable in a city that does not even have one of their own on the ballet for Mayor. That is a very telling fact.

I found it ironic that one of Slay's top priorities in his second term is to introduce legislation that would allow St. Louis police officers to live outside of the metro district. Seems that the cops are not real comfortable with the ultra liberal environment of metro St. Louis either, and I can't say I blame them.

St. Louis and Kansas City are the only blue dots in the very Red State of Missouri. The power that runs Missouri no longer resides in either metro area and never will again. They are becoming even more insignificant as the days go by politically. The reason being is that they don't even have a Republican on the ticket of their Mayoral election, which tells one how politically biased and polarizing their politics are.