Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Correction: Minnesota Own's Al Franken

Correction on the nationality of Al "the fool" Franken. He is not Canadian, rather Minnesotian. My mother is from Minnesota and I spent many of summers there on the lake ( great times) so I can say what I'm about to say. Canada - Minnesota, what's the difference?

It has been a very liberal state but is turing red. That is a good thing but it is the state of Humphrey and Modale, so lets be serious here it is a "very" liberal state historically. Maybe they are getting their act together and moving to the right. We shall see and they are like me a moderate people I think. Able to move from square to square depending on the facts.

Anyway, I posted wrong info on Red Al Franken and said he was Canadian. That was incorrect and I wanted to correct the record. He was born in Minnesota.........................Bet he likes the sounds of the "Loons". ( its a bird sort of duck like that has an sad call that is very looney )