Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Kooky Kofi

The corrupt UN Secretary "in charge of embezzlement" Kofi Annan was asked if he would step down over the huge mounting evidence that he is corrupt and his administration is corrupt, what did he say? "Hell No I won't go"............................

Kofi Goes Kooky For Coco Puffs

Kofi went on to a delusional interpretation of the facts in a very convoluted way: "After so many distressing and untrue allegations have been made against me, this exoneration by the independent inquiry obviously comes as a great relief," he said.

Well Kofi what reported facts are you reading buddy? Put a blue helmet on this guy and send him to the "rape zone"

UN Rape

If he subscribes to that degree of denial and delusion he would qualify for the UN Blue Helmet "rapist brigade". If that does not work out then he could write for the NYT, STL Pravda Post or produce for CBS........................

It's time to put serious presure on the UN to reform or make them go away. Perhaps Paris?