Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Eric the Mink = little krugman and He Hates You Also

Erik the Mink of the Post Dispatch copies Krugmans article and shamefully so on the Schiavo case. Here is my article to the Post on his article:

Erik the Mink's Article

Erik Mink's article "Seek honest deliberation, not radicalism" in today's edition has some very serious journalist flaws that I'm sure you will want to review and consider.
Erik asserts that George W Bush and the Republican Party are extremist primarily because of actions he claims were taken in the Terri Schiavo case. His argument is that the Presidents brother and Governor of Florida Jeb Bush "ordered a team of armed law enforcement officers to snatch Terri Schavio". First of all Jeb Bush is the Governor of Florida, George W Bush is the President, you do understand that they are different people, correct? Do you also understand the concept of State Rights and State Governance? They are mutually exclusive people and governments, they are independent of one another. That is kind of important to understand if you are going to write about it.
I found one article in the St. Petersburg Times written by Philip Gailey on this subject. Here is what he wrote: "By the end of last week, after a string of legislative and legal defeats and after the White House and the Congress said there was nothing left for them to do, Jeb Bush refused to give up the fight. If he failed, his supporters reminded him, Terri Schiavo would die. Bush must have felt the pressure, for at one point last week he came close to provoking a constitutional crisis in Florida by suggesting that he was prepared to send in the state Department of Children and Families to take protective custody of Terri Schiavo in defiance of a court order. As part of this desperate stunt, he showed up at a news conference with a Florida neurologist active in Christian antiabortion groups to say Terri Schiavo's condition had been misdiagnosed, that she was not in a persistent vegetative state". No facts no content of validation, nothing but hear say and opinion that has not been repeated in the paper since Gailey's Op-Ed article.
I found nothing in the Tampa Tribune that supported Erik's assertion. The Herald had three pieces on March 27th claiming that Bush had officers in route to take Schiavo but not a peep since the Governor denied the claim and the Herald is now backing off the anonymous source story. Bush explained that there were officers in the area waiting word of the court ruling on whether she would be turned over to the states custody but when they ruled against the state, the officers returned. If it was true that Bush planned to "Snatch" Schiavo and was a real story you can bet that it would be the front page story every paper in Florida especially the Herald. It's not and that's because there is no factual support and the story has went away. A dead story that fit Erik’s liberal agenda, and he ran with it as if it was true and factual. That’s a sad and very low standard to allow in a legitimate paper.
So Erik takes a one day story that died in the source paper that wrote it because of lack of creditable and truth and spews it out in a liberal hate tirade to the St Louis Post Dispatch subscribers? This is worse than shabby and bad journalism, its activism journalism.
Even in the Op-Ed section there is a standard of accuracy that must be upheld. For the editor of the Op-Ed section there is even a higher standard to adhere to. Erik unfortunately does not measure up to those standards and there should be a retraction to this article.
The paying subscribers and paying advertisers of the Post Dispatch deserve honest and reasonable fact checks and sources for stories published in the paper. This article even being an Op-Ed piece, fails in all ways to meet that standard. It’s a political hack speaking his extremist views and propaganda. This is not journalism regardless of your political leanings, it’s a DNC advertisement in journalist clothing. No editor of any section of any paper should have a political bias like Erik has. The credibility of the paper is at stake as are subscriptions and advertising revenue.

By the way you could have simply published the Krugman article and you would have had almost the exact same content. Almost seems like a plagiarized piece I’d say. Erik at least write your own stuff.

Mink like Krugman is a socialist that wants to take your money, your rights and your liberties away and let a Federal Government decide on each. If you don't like the sound of that, you had better get active. Read your local paper if you think they don't exist in every corner of this Great Country..........................