Friday, March 18, 2005

Say It Aint So "little mac"

What a disgusting and cowardly presentation by very "little"mac before Congress yesterday. I mean totally sad and very west coast.

Very little mac, refused to answer the question of whether he had every used steroids, when asked over and over and over. He said he was not there to "talk about the past, but rather to be positive about the subject". Huh, positive about what subject? News flash little mac, you played in Missouri and its the show me state, its also the tell me state if you have anything worth saying. Your not talking so you have nothing to say but guilt. The only thing about mac that is big going forward is that he is a Big Liar!

Very little mac is a liar and a false hero. He ran out of the league not because of injuries but because he knew the FBI had him dead to rights. He should of come clean yesterday and admitted being a liar and a fake. Instead he said "I will not talk about the past".

Maris still owns the single home run record in my view for home runs since very little mac and very little bonds are liars and cheats. There has to be a big "*" beside all records broken by little liar mac and little liar bonds.