Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Krugman Hates You & America

Anyone who has ever read a column written by Paul Krugman of the NYT knows that he is clearly insane and suffers from paranoia in the most severe degree. His article today proves that point completely. Rightwing Nut has a fitting critic of Nutty Paul's latest offering:

Nut Job Krugman

Krugman basically comes clean in this article and says: " if you are white, Christian and moderate or right of moderate then your evil, he hates you and he is going to do everything to expose you for your evilness". Krugman hates you and me, and you should take it personally, becaue he means it that way. He is an ultra socialist liberal that does not belong in any mainstream newspapers. He preaches hate from a very biased platform, the NYT. Krugman desires to have a European socialist democracy replace our current system in America. That is his agenda and that is what he is working for. He hates State Rights, God, Capitalism, Accountability, the Land of Opportunity and American Values. Mostly he hates people who live outside the small and insignificant little blue dot metropolitan areas of the Northeast and West Coast. He hates the Heartland and Mainstream American, the Military and people of Faith. Basically he hates American roots and our strength as a country. Why? Because he wants a socialist government to replace our current government. He continues to try and tear down our strengths as a country in his attempt to spread the agenda of socialist reform.

What would that look like? Well if you went to church or believed in God then you would be ridiculed and dismissed. A huge amount of your money would be taken from you in the form of taxes to be redistributed as the incredibly inefficient socialist government saw fit. There would be no accountability in the schools or society ( hey maybe we have already become a little socialist?). We would work things out "diplomatically" with Islamic terrorist like those who attacked us on 911 and not use our military power to hunt them down and kill them, while they planned their next murderous attacks ( see Bill Clinton 1st Twin Tower attack ). Krugman like so many other journalists are passive socialists and hope to destroy our ability to defend ourselves and use force when needed like after 911.

It's important that people like Krugman continue to be held accountable for their disinformation campaigns and that they are exposed as socialist with a socialist agenda. Better pay attention or you could wake up speaking french in good old STL tomorrow eating smelly cheese and in a crumbling economic situation......................................