Wednesday, March 23, 2005

BYE little barry

Barry Bonds' body is breaking down now that the roids are not feeding the structure. No roids and now the body is getting old and breaking down. He is fourty years old and without the cheat drug it makes him fourty.

Bonds is saying now he may be done and won't come back. If you don't have the juice to make you the fake hero then I can see why you would make that decison. Bonds should retire like little mac and fade away and the the true heros of the game, Arron - Ruth - Marris will come back to their rightful place that they deserve. True heros in my mind.

Hank Arron is the home run champ ( I love hammering Hank), Ruth is second, Marris is the single season home run record holder in my mind and many others. MLB, you have about 30 days to get this right or you will be the next hockey................................ICED if you don't get it right.