Saturday, March 12, 2005

Israel Ready For Iranian Nuke Plant

A story from the Times U.K. that is not a surprise to me at all:

Israel Has A Plan

Like I said, I'm not surprised at all rather would expect for Israel to have a fully functional plan at their disposal to take out the Iranian nuke plant. They have done it before, June 8, 1981 Israel bombed the Iraqi Osirak nuke factor, so no doubt they will take care of Iran's plant as well if needed. It has been widely reported that we have recently sold bunker busters heavy duty bombs to Israel so sounds like they have the goods to do the job.

There simply is no way that Israel can allow or afford for a terrorist state like Iran to possess nuclear arms. As crazy as Kim in North Korea is, he has no incentive to launch a nuclear attack. Iran on the other hand is run by Mullahs who despise Israel and preach and promote the total annihilation of the Israel state. If they had a nuclear weapon there is no doubt that one of these crazy Mullahs could profess that they had a vision and God told them to launch the bombs on Israel. It is a probability in my mind rather than a possibility. If they promote and finance the terrorism of Palestinian youths strapping on bombs to their body and blowing up themselves and innocent Israeli children and adults, no way they would hesitate to lob a nuke into Tel Aviv and its population of 1.1 million people.

Iran hosts Hezballa who has been carrying out these terrorist attacks on Israel. Iran provides sanctuary, financial support and logistical support to these terrorist. It would not be a stretch if Iran did get a bomb for them to give it to Hezballa and allow them to be the ones who actually executed the delivery. There would be no winners if such a thing ever happened because if hit by a nuclear attack, Israel would hit every Arab country in the regions and level them all with their nuclear arsenal. The regions would be gone. You think gas prices are high now...................

VP Cheney has said the Iran would be subject to "strong action" if they fail to give up their nuclear plans. US officials have also warned that a joint military strike on the nuke plants by Israeli and America has not been ruled out if the UN plan does not work. The UN plan will not work and ultimately I think we will see, as I have written before, a glowing pile of rubble where the Iranian plant once stood. It's a matter of time I'm affraid rather than if. Iran will not give up the nuke bomb so Israel and America will have to blow up their plant.