Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Klugman Is Pleading On His Last Loosing DNC Cause

Comrade Paul Krugman is pleading and begging for no cracks in the Democratic front on Social Security. He calls Lieberman out by name for being willing to discuss the solutions needed to fix this enormous problem. Man what an objective journalist, he is setting strategy for the DNC I'd say and is the ultimate shill for the DNC. Eric The Mink is your less talented and local version of a shill DNC journalist.

Krugman's awkward and poorly written article basically promotes the theme that his Dems should not "compromise" on Social Security reform. Why, well Krug thinks that the party he represents in the press is winning on Social Security reform and it should not be reformed. I think Krug should have to file and disclose his Political Action Committee (PAC)alliance to the DNC in his article header, don't you? Krug can dissent that's a good American safeguard, but to harm American's deeply with his twisted dissent is a legacy that he and people who share his views will have to answer 20 years from now. You will be held accountable, trust me on that point.

I don't know who is winning or not, but anyone who does not understand that Social Security has to be reformed to be viable just simply does not understand finances and facts. I do not plan my retirement with Social Security because I think it is doubtful that it will be there when I retire. I'd bet the house that without reform I will certainly not get back every dollar I paid in. Take that to the bank if there is not reform. So my Social Security contributions are "welfare" to some point currently under the current plan.

Krug has been so wrong on Iraq, so wrong on the 2004 election, and so wrong on the Bush Doctrine, that he only has the Social Security issue to cling to. Instead of pushing forward positive discussion and possibilities for anyone younger than 55 years old to realize a better plan, comrade Klug embraces dissention.

Klug is a product of the activist sixties joined by the limited children of activist sixties types (see Hollywood). Trust no one, capitalism is bad, hate America, and promote a socialist European democracy platform. The problem is that era is dead and gone. The 2004 elections buried that agenda and era. Like Jerry Garcia of the Dead, the era is truly dead and gone.........

Krug wants to promote the socialist democratic agenda of government taking your money in large sums ( high-high-high taxes ) and redistributing it as the government sees fit ( social programs run my the most ineffective institution of all time in America - the Federal government ). Its simply a bad and doomed plan. It will fail, just look at what is happening in Germany with their socialist reform programs.

Krug is entertaining to me now, looking at what an ass he was and how smug two years ago he was, while now he pleads and beg for relevance in the reality of today is "VERY" rewarding. It's icing on the cake that the facts continue to bury him in total irrelevance and make his off the mark and socialist dribble mute.

Keep giving us that sad, mute, and embarrassing dribble Krug.......We love seeing you roll in the mud, it is the perfect place for you to be...................